November 17, 2019

Perceiving The Invisible

Perceiving The Invisible


James 2 vs. 26

I want to try and help you perceive and comprehend the visible.

There is a spiritual world out there and in that dimension, there are citizens. In that kingdom that is supernatural, there are beings and people who are currently in that spiritual kingdom.

So you, being a spirit; it is also important that you understand what the spiritual dimension is all about because you can never be effective in life or in the marketplace unless you are effective in the Spirit.

There people who are effective in the market place but not born again. They are great, not because they are born again but they have developed a level of spirituality that gives them an advantage in the marketplace.

(vs. 26) What keeps the body alive is the presence of the Spirit. If the body is dead, it is simply because of the absence of the Spirit. So if you have the presence of a Spirit in a body, you also have the presence of Life in that body.

So the Spirit in a body is the Life of the body because without the Spirit, the body cannot be alive.

The writer; James here is helping you to understand that there is a part of you that cannot see the invisible part within physical things. He is saying that in everything that we see, there is a something within it that gives it Life and that thing is not visible.

By saying this, he is even talking about the businesses that we do. Your business is something physical that can be touched but within the body of the business, there has to be a Spirit that feeds life into the business.

He is also talking about marriage as a body. It is something that you can see; two people getting married and that is something that can be physically seen. It is something material. But there is supposed to be a Spirit in that body of Marriage that gives it life. And the absence of that Spirit renders the marriage or business useless.

The thing is you have a business and you call it yours but you don’t have the Spirit to back up the business. You would want to control your business, not for it to control you. And for that to happen, you need to discover that part in your business where there is a place of the Spirit and steer your business from there.

So if you are not spiritual, you cannot control the physical because you do not control the Spiritual.

When God created everything, he made provisions in everything that he formed; a Spirit was inserted in everything. Do not think that you are the only creature that was given a Spirit. Every rock has a Spirit and the life of the rock is in the Spirit that dwells in the rock.

(Romans 1 vs. 20) There are things that are visible and he also says these invisible things are already seen.

How can I understand the things that I cannot see? You have to perceive at those things you cannot see and see.

God knows that you were going to come on Earth in the Flesh, as limited as you are and he created things that are visible for you to understand the invisible. But you are studying the visible and yet the visible was made for you to understand the invisible.

Even the visible money that you have was made for you to understand the real money.

The body that you have was made for you to understand your spiritual body.

(1 Corinthians 10 vs. 4) The children of Israel who had physical thirst consulted a rock that they could see but that rock was spiritual.

It is not everything on Earth that is physical.

This rock was stone and God said to Moses, take the rod and strike the rock and He will give you his water. If you keep on reading, you will discover that this rock could be seen by physical people but the scripture is saying that it was spiritual.

Child of God, don’t be deceived. It is not everything walking on Earth that is physical. Some spiritual creatures have materialized into the physical.

(vs. 4) Where they dreaming when they drank from the rock? Was their thirst spiritual? No! There was a rock and the rock being spiritual made it possible for it to follow the children of Israel.

Some of you want to move to the next level in life. If you are ever going to be elevated in life, it will be because of the maturity of the Spirit in you!

I am trying to make you understand why it is so hard for some of you to move to the next level in life; it is because you are a body without a Spirit.

(Colossians 1 vs. 16) When you talk about thrones, be reminded that they fall under these two things; either the visible or the invisible. People try as hard as they can to sit on the throne as long as it is physical, leaving out the other throne. And the latter ends up controlling the physical throne.

(vs. 16) Notice, he is not saying that the invisible things are in Heaven only. Do you know that in this chapter, they were not referring to the Spiritual Heaven but the firmament which has things that we can see.

There are invisible things on Earth and in the firmament. You might not see them but God took time to create those things which are now invisible and placed them on the Earth.

(vs. 16)“Dominions” These are different dominions; the other is physical, visible and can be seen, and the other is spiritual, invisible.

(vs. 16) “Principalities” There are two classes of principalities; one is physical and the other is spiritual.

Do not underestimate the spiritual ones; they might be invisible but still they are principalities – forces that control humans and generations and families.

(1 Corinthians 15 vs. 45) Adam was made a living soul when the Spirit was breathed into the body. When God introduced the Spirit into the body, man became a living soul; he became intelligent. When the Bible talks about your soul, it is not just referring to your feelings but your intellect; reasoning and thinking.

So how did God make the first man a living soul? The man was not taken to college but he put a Spirit into man and that Spirit became an education system for the man and he became intelligent.

Don’t underestimate the arrival of the Spiritual in a man. When the spirit of God comes on you, you are programmed to think in a certain way.

(Acts 2 vs. 4-6) When the Spirit came upon them, the body of an uneducated person began to speak in another language.

(1 Corinthians 15 vs. 45) The last Adam was made a quickening Spirit. He was not made a quickening Spirit to quicken just anyone; He was made a quickening Spirit that quickens anyone whom he gets into.

People think that the spiritual cannot produce physical solutions because it can’t be tested in labs but here, the Israelites drank water from a Spiritual rock.

(1 Kings 13 vs. 1-3) The Prophet spoke to the altar and it heard him. That was made possible by the Spirit that was in the altar. Altars are living organisms and they are given life but the Spirit within them. So if you want to talk to the altar, you have to speak to the Spirit in the altar.

(1 Corinthians 15 vs. 45) The verse is saying the first Adam was natural and the last Adam was spiritual. What makes the last Adam to be spiritual is the growth and the maturity of the Spirit in a man and that makes him a Spirit.

The 1st Adam, his spirit still consulted the desires of his flesh and that is why he is natural.

What made the rock to be spiritual was the spirit of Christ which entered into the rock and it ceased to be physical. The presence of Christ in a rock makes it to cease being natural.

If Jesus enters into you, you become supernatural.


What makes an altar to be spiritual is the spirit that is within the physical object. So what gives power to a dead object? There are people who can summon spirits into physical objects and places. If we have a stone that has a Spirit, it ceases to be an ordinary stone because of the spirit.

Any tree in Zimbabwe that has a spirit within, it is not a tree.

Where the devil is beating you at is how you are trying to control things from the physical. Even in the Bible, the Priests could transfer the sins of Israel onto a goat and that beast would start to behave differently.

You can have a spirit being transferred into an object and that object’s behavior changes.

There are people with strange powers to summon spirits into an object or places.

The Prophet spoke to an altar and it heard him. Jesus even spoke to a tree and it heard him and dried up. How could a tree have heard if there wasn’t a spirit in it, which was It’s life?

(Mark 11 vs. 23) If you have physical objects you want to move, you speak to the Spirit within the physical object. That is how you control your business. If you want to get into any business, discover where the Spirit of that business resides.

What moves the mountain is the Spirit that is within the mountain.

What is making doctors to fail to cure HIV it is because it has a spirit that most diseases do not have which makes it to resist medication. That Spirit is well-developed. If you want to speak to the disease, speak to the Spirit. If you want to be heard by principalities, you have to become a principality.

If you have decided to walk with God, you should be able to stretch and touch evil altars that are against you.

The story doesn’t end with accepting Jesus but maturing and growing in the Spirit. We have already dealt with national altars but you have altars in your life.

Don’t underestimate the supernatural!

If you don’t have control over your Spirit, you don’t have control over your body.

The devil is manipulating your potential helpers. I have seen demons manifesting in a very strange way. There are people whom God called into ministry, into business but it is all suppressed by demonic spirits. But you have to get to a level where you can reverse the bad thoughts that have been placed in the minds of your helpers.

When God placed spirits in trees and rocks, it is because he wanted us to find ways to control those things. By placing spirits into mountains, God was placing steering wheels for you to control them.

We understand the invisible by understanding the visible and observing the physical.

Don’t focus on the flesh; you will be disadvantaged. Develop muscles in the Spirit. Be strong in the Spirit! Asa spirit in a physical body, you have to dissolve it until it is called Christ. My wife must be able to feel what it means to be married to Jesus. That flesh must be swallowed in glory.

Begin to learn to control your flesh by controlling your spirit because if you don’t gain control over your spirit, someone else will control you.

Do not underestimate words. What is spoken, it is spoken. I do not have children until I have children in the Spirit.

The truth cannot be altered. If poverty can be removed, then it means it is not the truth.

You haven’t discovered the truth about your life. Someone is controlling your life. If an external force controls your joy, you are not in control of your life. Joy should come from within.

Make up your mind today. You are not here to be controlled but to control! That is how the Spirit man becomes strong!