October 13, 2019

Repairing The Altar of the Lord: Evil Altars

Repairing The Altar of the Lord: Evil Altars

1 Kings 18 vs. 30 -34

Now when it was time for the Lord to send rain, God asked Elijah the Prophet to show Himself before the King. God has a thing in His mind against Israel; the introduction of other gods in Israel and God by the hand of His Prophet, wanted to end all that.

What was about to happen was fire not only coming down upon the altar only but upon the gods of the Land.

Today, I am here to help you understand the operations of the devil and not just that but also for you to appreciate the victory that you have over that. The power that God gave to His people is not greater than that of Lucifer.

What is it about altars?

Most people do not understand what Altars are. It either works for you or against you. There is no altar that doesn’t work.

How does this thing work?

When somebody has a curse that they want to handover to the next generation; how do they transfer the curse to a generation yet to be born?

That is where evil altars come in. It is an evil place, an evil bank that is opened by an individual in a certain generation where curses are stored. They wanted to be in that generation and pronounce a curse but they knew that couldn’t happen because of time.

So an account had to be formulated in the form of an evil altar and deposits were made in the form of enchantments and curses. These people go to places because they know that places outlive people.

So how do altars work?

Altars can be an object, a place, a tree, a big rock, a cave, a pool of water that doesn’t dry up and an altar is something that lives longer that the people. Witches know that they do not have time so altars are given information to store.

When words are put into the altar, the altar has the power to convert those words into a lifestyle. The power of the altar is not only in preserving the words but also in converting them into a lifestyle.

The victim will live, work, and do according to what they said. You get a job according to what they said. You will be surprised when you discover that everything that you see happening in our days is according to words that were spoken.

Jesus said according to the spoken word, I have come. Jesus did things according to the scriptures and the prophecies. You have to be careful that your poverty is not according to the script. You cannot change the play without changing the script.

You are a product of statements and things written on altars.

God will raise a nation according to the words preached in the nation. You prosper according to the messages that you have heard. You don’t start by getting something without hearing it.

A country does not start with famine without being given people or preachers who preach about poverty. What we do not have on earth is what the Preachers skipped.

(Acts 19 vs. 2) If the Holy Spirit had to be forerun by the word, how about success and prosperity. Be careful of the Preachers in a land where there is poverty. What you do not say is what you lack

God will only elevate you to the level of the word that that you have received.

Most of you, you are sick, you have lost your job according to altars. Do not underestimate altars. The way that altars work, even if you are in church, it will affect you and draw energy from you.

(1 Kings 18 vs 30) Elijah called the people and repaired the altar of the Lord. How did he do so? He took 12 stones, according to the tribes of Israel.

(vs. 31) According to the word of the Lord that came to Jacob about to his 12 sons, Elijah gathered 12 stones. Your children will receive something according to what you are hearing today. God will do something for your children because of their ancestors to whom the word of the Lord came.

(vs 32) All these tribes were put under one name. For revival to happen, all these tribes had to hide under one name; the name of the Lord.

Your name must disappear under God’s Name.

(vs 35) The water got into the trench which could carry two measures of seed. The Prophet planted water because it was water that they desired. Before the rain could come down, there was supposed to be a dramatization of the water because the Prophet wanted water in every tribe of Israel.

(vs 36) Altars are time sensitive. The altar that is giving you problems is a timed altar.  Israel had its God. Residing in Zimbabwe, you are just a resident of Zimbabwe but Zimbabwe has its own God. Zimbabwe has a God and Jehovah Himself is that God!

(vs 38) The fire first consumed the sacrifice, which means the sacrifice was not burnt by the wood. The wood was part of the sacrifice. The 12 stones of Israel were also consumed by the fire. There is a stage that you reach in the Spirit where you disappear and you become the fire that burns in your family; you become the leader, the torch bearer.

(vs 38) The water was burnt and there was evaporation. The seed was transported to the Heavens. There was need for the water to be sown.

When you sow, it is a conversion of currency. If you give God money, He gives you what money cannot buy.

Some of you think that when you get money, you will be okay. But money only responds to you when you ask it a question. Money cannot answer cancer because it doesn’t require money for it to go away. Cancer asks for something completely different and it is not money that answers all that.

When you confront an altar, you have to speak boldly. If you discover the presence of the enemy, you have to stand as bold as a lion and say this is my territory! You have to be strong. If you act like a coward and weak, you won’t be able to do anything.

This week we are continuing pray for our nation Zimbabwe. You need to stand your ground and say Zimbabwe is my God-given Land. I will not sit down and allow demons to take over!

Be strong and bold! Stand your ground

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