October 27, 2019

Repairing The Altar of The Lord: Power over powers

Repairing The Altar of The Lord: Power over powers


(Luke 10 vs. 19)When Jesus declared to his disciples, He said I give you power and He told them that the power given was power above scorpions. It is an anointing that elevates you above the scorpions and serpents.

If there is a scorpion or snake in your family, know that the Power is already given.

(vs. 19) “…all the power of the enemy…” Over all the power of devil, so if anyone tells you that the devil doesn’t have any power, that person will be lying. Jesus is giving you power over powers. If Jesus is giving you power over a weak devil, it is power over what power?

Why the use of the word “all” if the power of the enemy doesn’t come at different levels and dimensions? The devil has different forms of power but Jesus is saying that I am giving you Power over all powers.

Jesus gave you Power over powers!

If anyone doesn’t believe in altars, they do not believe in the Cross. (Revelation 12 vs. 11) The Bible said “…and they overcame by the Blood of The Lamb…” We overcame by the altar of The Cross.

Kingdoms are shaking. The time for the people of God to overcome has come. Deliverance shall not be postponed. Deliverance shall not wait for your children; the fathers and the mothers are going to benefit from this kind of deliverance.

What is spoken is spoken.

You were feeding from a wrong source; your supplies were demonic but there is a shift in the atmosphere. The new source of your survival has been found. God’s people shall become wealthy.

These altars that are breaking now, they shall never be revived again!

Did you know that there are multiple altars in families; an altar for barrenness, an altar that undermines the educated but I declare that those altars are coming down!

This is our time! This is our season!

You have power over every scorpions, over every serpent and over every power of the enemy.

If you have Faith, begin to position yourself in the Spirit. Begin to utter positive things in your life. This thing will not take time. The river is flowing, the clouds are gathering and it is about to rain.

You need the capacity to receive what God is about to give to you.

Stretch your Faith; begin to stretch your capacity and expand your horizon. Something great is coming your way now!

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