October 20, 2019

Repairing The Altar or The Lord: Evil Altars 2

Repairing The Altar or The Lord: Evil Altars 2

Acts 17 vs. 23-24

When Paul was in Berea, he called the people there noble because they easily received the Gospel due to the fact that they were mentally prepared to receive it. Bu after hearing, these people went back home and searched the scriptures to check if the teaching was consistent with the scriptures.

This made them more noble than the people of Thessalonica because the people of Berea did not accept a teaching based on the eloquence or stature or the ‘gymnastics’ of the man of God.

After every service, they would go back and search the scriptures, which is something that is being done by a few people nowadays. Search the scriptures to check if what the man of God is preaching is also found in the scriptures.

(vs. 24) As Paul was in Athens, he saw that the people there were in deep idolatry. There were so many altars which were dedicated to different gods. As he was assessing them, Paul saw an altar that was written “TO THE UNKNOWN GOD” and in as much as they didn’t understand this God, they went as far as worshiping Him.

Paul then told them that this Unknown God, he is the one that I have come to declare to you. He said to them that they had started by knowing other gods but not the one who created everything. And he had come to make them understand that.

There is so much about this God that we worship.

(Proverbs 3 vs. 6) Child of God, in everything that you do, acknowledge God. But you can only acknowledge the God that you know, and that is where the danger is.

In all thy ways; as a father in a family, as a citizen; you have to acknowledge God and He will begin to direct your paths. If God is acknowledged, He begins to direct the Nation and determine where it will go.

Acknowledge Him. Let Him know that you know Him.

When you are at war against demonic altars, you must understand the value of the spoils that you will get in every fight.

(Genesis 13 vs. 2) Abraham, the Father of many nations was not poor; he was rich in these three major areas; in cattle, silver and gold.

(Acts 17 vs.24)Paul is preaching about the Unknown God who created everything in the world. There are things that you do not know about this God. There are certain things that God created for His people but His people are not aware but there is something about the devil that you also have to understand.

Revelation 12 vs. 7- 10

(vs. 7) Understand the place. There was war in Heaven. If you want to relax on Earth, go ahead and try it.  Why is it that all of us want to go to Heaven? It is because there was once a war in Heaven and victory was attained.

Heaven is now a very peaceful place because of a war that they managed.

What if we are to have that war here? We are fighting the same enemy that they fought and we can convert this Earth into Heaven, and that is why we are fighting these altars.

(vs. 7) These angels were created by God but one-third of the angelic beings were deceived by the devil. Some of you think that being born again is an option. You can never outsmart the devil because he managed to deceive a third of the most intelligent beings in Heaven.

(vs. 8) After their defeat, there was no more place for the devil and his angels. This shows that it is possible to evacuate the devil from a place. The places that the devil lands on are altars. His altar was removed from Heaven.

The devil can choose a room in your house and from that room, he can influence the rest of the house. That is why the Bible says do not give any place to the devil. From the places that he has in your nation, he will influence the whole nation from there. He doesn’t need a position to do that. He has an anointing called Confusion and he can confuse your discussions.

Some of us do not wait to feel the presence of the devil. If we see confusion, we know that the devil is present.

The devil touches lives from altars. He influences your paths, your ways from there.

(vs. 9) Why is he being called ‘The Great Dragon’? He tried and failed in Heaven but even after his defeat, he was soon to become great in another place.

He can be great, unless you are willing to take in on in this place.

(vs. 9) The worlds are under the deception of this great dragon.

When Paul declared to the people of Athens that God created everything, he wanted them to understand that everything in the world was created by God but now these people were creating gods from what God created.

Money was created by God. What you are creating as money is a representation of what God created. Abraham was rich in cattle, in sliver and in gold. He was not rich in paper or in coins but in those three major areas.

If you are ever going to be rich as a nation, you are going to be rich not in terms of currency but in terms of silver and gold. What you are creating is a representation of what God created.

(Judges 6 vs. 23-25) God told Gideon that for their slavery to end and for their economy to be revived; the strategy for that was not an intellectual one but just to destroy the altars of Baal. And when Gideon destroyed the place of Baal that was found in Israel from where the devil was influencing their land, revival started.

God resolved our economic problems before we were born physically. He gave us something to trade with and He blessed it with value.

Money is an altar because they can speak into it and influence lives.

The real definition of money is not in being able to trade with it but its ability to store value because maintenance of value is what makes money to be money. That is why Abraham was rich in cattle, silver and gold.

We create problems and we create solutions. But when you are faced with a problem that you did not create, you will need something that you did not create to give you the solution for that.

(Revelation 12 vs. 9-10) All this is happening after the war in Heaven. Which means when you have the devil on the Earth, expect the opposite of power and strength. There will not be peace and there is no establishment of the kingdom on the Earth as long as the devil is present.

Heaven could not be Heaven in the presence of the devil. So the Earth also cannot be the Earth in the presence of the devil. God knew that there is one language that the devil understands and that is to remove him from a place and to cast him down.

You must be ready to protect your land that that is why we are fighting these altars. This time we have to open our eyes and get rid of the influence of the devil in this land.

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