April 21, 2019

Resurrected Messiah (Passover Sunday)

Resurrected Messiah (Passover Sunday)

Jesus had already seen how His Father was going to raise Him and He said to His  disciples, I will be handed over to sinful men and I will be killed but be raised on the 3rd day.

(Philippians 3 vs. 10)Paul puts it in this way; That I may always know Him and the Power that raised Him from the dead. It is one thing to know Him and another to know the Power that raised Him from the dead.

To know Him and to know the power that raised Him.

If you know the Power that raised Him, you will begin to experience the same power! The power that raised Jesus is the same Power that raises us.

The power that raised Jesus didn’t consider how He was going to be killed; whether He was going to be hanged or His head cut off or dissolved in acid. But Jesus still insisted that on the 3rd day, I will be raised.

It doesn’t matter how the devil frustrates you; Jesus made sure that on the 3rd day, the Power will be made available and you will be raised from the dead!

Imagine, the man that they thought was dead but He was in another place. He was dead here but in another dimension, He was causing havoc. He went and took over the power in Hell and delivered those who were once captured by the devil.; not when He was alive but when He was dead! Have you ever thought that even if Jesus was dead, still, He can deal with your devil.

If Jesus could deliver captives whilst He was dead, how much more when He is risen?

After Jesus was raised, He appeared in five different places so understand that the reason why Jesus had to be raised is so that He can appear to you in five different places.

  1. Jesus appears to Mary in the Garden (John 20 vs. 11-18)

The first place that Jesus appeared was the Garden to Mary but Mary thought that Jesus was the owner of the Garden.

Jesus appearing to this woman in the Garden; this is a place of productivity. I can assure you that as you walk towards your place of productivity, Jesus will appear there! If you are into producing anything, Jesus will appear in the Garden!

  1. Jesus appears to the two men on their way to Emmaus (Luke 24 vs. 13 – 35)

The second time that Jesus appeared was when 2 men were on their way to Emmaus. Jesus was raised by God for Him to appear. Jesus appeared in the middle of the road; that is why the Bible says you are blessed as you come in and as you leave the city. (Deuteronomy 28 vs. 6)

Jesus will appear to you on your way to success, marriage. You might have not gotten there but Jesus will appear to you on the way.

The same Jesus that these two men thought was dead, He showed up. He didn’t reveal Himself first but scriptures of His resurrection. Before Jesus reveals Himself to you, He will reveal formulas and scriptures to you on your way to success.

Don’t worry child of God, you may have not reached were you are going; you are still on your way but whilst you are still on your way, He will appear to you and make you understand necessary scriptures to your success.

(vs. 30) He gave them bread. Jesus is the visitor but instead of being given bread, He is the one who gave them bread. When Jesus comes into your house, He comes to give. You are about to get into another level of supernatural provision.

On your way, He will make you understand scriptures and when you get home, He will provide bread for your children.

Get ready to meet Jesus in your house; He is coming there to break bread!

  1. Jesus appears to the disciples (Luke 24 vs. 36-49)

Jesus appeared in the house and the doors were locked and He said Peace.

The house is supposed to represent peace and safety but whilst they were in the house, there was no peace and that is why Jesus declared Peace.

Some of you are in safe place but you are not safe. The health that food was supposed to provide for you, the knowledge that you were supposed to get from schools; you didn’t get it. But Jesus was raised to declare peace on them.

Jesus will come in your most secure place and declare Peace.

The disciples were hiding because they were afraid of the Romans. Their house ceased to be an ordinary place; it was a place where fear was being accommodated. Most of you are afraid of so many things but Jesus appeared to them in that place of fear and declared Peace.

Jesus was raised so that He can come and appear to you in that place of fear. Break free from your fears because Jesus has risen.

  1. Jesus appears at the sea. (John 21 vs. 1-`14)

Jesus appeared at the sea where they were fishing but catching nothing.

The sea represents industry but in this verse there was no productivity but after Jesus was raised from the dead, He appeared to them at the sea.

This resurrected Jesus will appear to you; in your business no matter what you are doing; at your lowest level of production, He will appear to you.

Some of you are in the middle of the sea but catching nothing. What you failed to get from the sea, you will find it in His right hand.

  1. Jesus appears at the Mount of Olives (Acts 1 vs. 1-12)

Jesus appeared at the Mount of Olives. This place represents oil and before Jesus ascends, He will appear at the place of anointing. Your passion will be described by Him. He will explain to you, your mission at the place of anointing.

Jesus was raised to give you an assignment. What He never told you before He was crucified; you will know your calling!

After He was raised from the dead, He never appeared physically to His enemies and those who were against Him.

Before the cross, non-believers and His enemies could interact with Him but not after the Cross. People who were against Him were blessed by Him before the Cross but not after the Cross.

Jesus is saying; I will carefully choose those who love me and appear to them.

The blessings of God, after the Cross, are for those that love Him; not everyone else but only those that love Him.

Everything that was prophesied and declared on you; He will begin to reveal them to you. You are a manifestation of scriptures and as you walk, He will reveal Himself to you!

Jesus was not raised to deal with the devil; He was raised to have an experience with us!

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