January 21, 2018

Subduing Kingdoms

Subduing Kingdoms

Hebrews 11 vs. 33

(vs. 33) There is a kind of faith that helps a believer to subdue kingdoms.

Subduing kingdoms means to take over kingdoms. (John 11) Jesus walked into a funeral environment but he wasn’t affected by what was going on; He wasn’t changed by the situation because He was there to change the situation – that’s dominating kingdoms. Life is not about what you do by yourself; only believe that there is someone who can do what you cannot do; Jesus. If you believe, you will see His glory.

Jesus never comes when you want Him to come so that the testimony becomes bigger. Jesus didn’t rush to Lazarus’ funeral and that is the same case with you; he didn’t come to you in 2017 and before but I see Him coming in 2018 to answer you! Because of our own assessment, we might want Jesus to hurry but He takes His time because if He was to hurry, that would be when He cannot deal with a worst-case scenario. If Jesus was only the Healer not the Resurrector, He was supposed to hurry to Lazarus’ situation. Jesus wasn’t afraid of anything.

Before God created people, He created places, which means your dominion is confined to certain places. If you leave your territory and go to another, you might be dominated by another.

When you are within your space, you are too powerful! Cain was a farmer and Abel was a shepherd. When Cain wanted to kill Abel, he took Abel to the forest because Cain could not kill Abel in his territory. So when you got to a foreign land, don’t behave and talk like them and act like them. That is not your territory.

You might not be in your space today but understand that you are on your way to your place. Despite how long you have stayed in a situation, that doesn’t mean that situation is yours. After you are born in a wrong place, the next thing is to discover your rightful place.

The devil might try to touch you but you will be protected by the authorities in the Kingdom of God because you are an authorised citizen. You have the right to tell God that you need His help because you are an authorised citizen of His Kingdom.

Have confidence; don’t allow sin to steal your confidence. Maybe you made a wrong decision but can’t you make the right decision now? If you are where you are because of a wrong decision, you can leave that place by making the right decision.

You always have to announce to the devil that this is my space and it belongs to me!

In a territory that doesn’t belong to you, you need to respect the owners of that territory. Your survival on Earth depends on who loves you. The people in your circle matter.

It is important to identify the people that are somehow linked to your promotion. Begin to admire those people. Learn to appreciate people who are doing well because God is bringing them before you and I pray that God gives you wisdom. Dominating is your assignment this year!