February 11, 2018

Territorial Dominance (Occupying Mountains)

Territorial Dominance (Occupying Mountains)

 Mark 9 vs. 34-38

(vs. 35) In this modern world, this scripture refers to churches and these churches were theirs, not His. Jesus noticed that there were demons and sickness; something by nature which was not supposed to be found there because but it was there because were their synagogues, not Jesus’. If you hijack the body of Christ and personalise it, you have to deal with the demons there.

Today we are talking about places again that need to be recovered by the children of God.

If God tells you that you will achieve something and you will become someone, it is not obvious that you will be that; God was simply advising you that you have the potential to do that. And if that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t make God a liar; that prophesy is based on the potential in you.

When the devil reads potential, he will do everything possible to stop you. If he discovers that he can’t stop you, he will delay you. If he can’t delay you, he will speed you up.

The devil is in the business of delaying people; people achieving things at 70 that they were supposed to achieve d at 30, and others achieving things at 15 that they were supposed to have achieved at 30.He places so many things in your path and your focus and energy is divided.

The devil also fast-forwards you into things that are good but they come at a time when you are less prepared and you might end up ruining everything. God has so many things that He wants to do for us but we are not prepared for it. In most cases, speed kills. Jesus came for 30 years whilst there were demons in church but he didn’t do anything; he wasn’t too fast; he was trying to understand the territory he was in. You have to understand the territory that you operate in.

Making money is not the biggest thing that you can do/ achieve. Keeping yourself well and living long is an achievement and you have to wake up every day and tell yourself that you are not going to die any time soon.

If God is to send you to a certain place for an assignment, you might find that place already occupied. You might find people doing exactly what you want but that doesn’t mean it is theirs.

Places are waiting for deliverance that we are supposed to bring to them. You are the deliverer of your village, your clan. Identify places that are under-utilized and occupy them. Never have the mentality that there are too many people in a certain area or field doing what you want to do. When you go there, don’t be like them. What they call a problem, call it a challenge. God wants you to dominate in that place.

(Joshua 14 vs. 12, Numbers 13)Caleb looked at a mountain and he desired to occupy that land, and at that time he was 85 years old. Not because the land was not occupied already and defended but because he wanted it.

Caleb wasn’t afraid of the giants; he was ready to occupy the place until he was given the place and Joshua gave Caleb the place. Joshua is not the one who occupied the place but he owned it.

Don’t say leadership doesn’t matter. It is your Spiritual Father that gives you mountains; places of influence, even though it is occupied. You are not given a mountain by the giants but by your spiritual father.

When the devil looks at you physically, he doesn’t think that you can bring him down but you can because God placed His power in you in a very special way.

This theme; Territorial Dominance did not just come; it was planned by God. God wants His people not to be dominated but to dominate.