June 12, 2018

The Anointing That Teaches

The Anointing That Teaches

1st John 2 vs. 27

The scripture here is saying that the Anointing that you have received from God will teach you all things and there is no need for anyone else to teach you because the anointing will teach you.

There is an Anointing that when it comes upon a person, it makes information available. The presence of God upon an individual who has never been to school will enable them to deal with matters of intelligence.

Some might have never gotten the privilege of sitting under great minds as far as education is concerned but you have an opportunity through the Anointing of God. You will have an understanding that will shock unbelievers!

There is information concerning life and success that our local schools cannot offer. But John here is saying that the Anointing that you have received will teach you, which means you cannot be an ignorant believer after receiving the anointing!

It is that Anointing that does not only protect you but will teach you all things.

I want you to have moments in the Spirits where you have the anointing of God lecturing you on issues concerning life that you don’t know.

So one might ask, Do I have it? How do I know that I have it?

The question now is; are you being taught by the Holy Spirit? If you are not being taught then it means that you don’t have it but it is not too late. You can still receive it from the Holy Spirit.

Suddenly you will find yourself with information that you were never taught by any teacher or lecturer.

There are different types of Anointing available in the Spirit that give you access to information, too much information. Your IQ level will shoot up and you will become wiser than your enemies.

(Daniel 2 vs. 48) Daniel got a place in a foreign government system, not because of his education but an Anointing that gave him wisdom.

There is an Anointing that when you get it, you have a whole learning institution.

The reason why you’re not being successful is because you don’t know how become successful, but there is an Anointing from God that can communicate with your Spirit and teach you everything.

(Luke 16 vs. 8) We cannot have Jesus complaining about the children of darkness being wiser than the children of Light! Not anymore! The anointing of God has to touch your mind!

(Luke 24 vs. 45) What Jesus did here was greater than teaching the disciples because he opened their minds to understand scriptures. You next level of success requires your understanding to be opened.

People are looking for money and treasure everywhere but they don’t have a relationship with the God who owns it.

The Spirit of the Lord wants to make you smart. The anointing of God can make a person educated. (John 14 vs. 26) The Spirit will bring all things into your remembrance so you will no longer be forgetting things; your mind will begin to travel very fast!

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