February 10, 2019

The God of Bethel

The God of Bethel

The ability to dream doesn’t mean that you have the ability to have that same dream fulfilled. There is a dreaming grace but the dreaming grace doesn’t translate to the grace that is required to fulfill that dream.

All people dream, including those who say they do not dream; it is just that they forget what they dream. But not all of us get our dreams fulfilled.

There is a certain grace that is required for your dream to be fulfilled.

Genesis 28 vs. 16-22

(vs. 16) It is possible for you to be in the same place with God and you might not be aware of His presence until something happens. Jacob could have left that place in search of the presence of God.

Most people have left their carriers because they did not fell the presence of God in their careers. I am not just talking about God being in a place but God being in you and you are not aware of it.

Can you be in a place where there is God and not know it that He is there? Yes

We have left so many places because we didn’t feel the presence of God in that place.

God is not always present to be felt. He doesn’t want things to always feel Him.  Sometimes He is a very stealthy God. Sometimes He is very quiet but certain things that your body cannot perceive, your dreams can advise you on them.

Jacob didn’t know that God was there until He got into a certain realm where he was able to perceive.

God is always talking to you but not in the dimension where you are; He is talking to you in another dimension. God did not speak to Jacob whilst Jacob was awake but when Jacob switched to another dimension, God spoke to him.

God wants to talk to you but His voice is not coming where you are but to a certain dimension that you are not willing to go to. He is talking to in a dimension that He is assuming you are supposed to be in but you are not there.

He is assuming that you are at that level but you are at another level. God wants to speak to you but the messages are reaching the wrong place, not because the place is wrong but you are misplaced.

God is not always present to be felt. You have to know by scriptures that He said He will never leave you nor forsake you.

(vs. 17) The place became dreadful, not because the presence of God had increased but Jacob’s knowledge and understanding of the place had changed.

Jacob went on to call this place the house of God. There were just trees and stones and rivers but what made that place the house of God was not the people but the presence of God. Nothing changed in that place but what changed is Jacob’s understanding of the presence of God in that place.

He also called it the gate of Heaven. Sometimes this is all you need. Jesus was very careful not to start His ministry until the Heavens opened above Him.

There are businesses, marriages and relationships that are under a closed Heaven but there is something that happens under an open heaven that causes things to begin to happen.

Heaven is not open in every place. There are specifically selected places where the heavens are open.

(vs. 18) What is it about oil? Why do we even have the use of anointing oil, both in the Old and the New Testament? Some people will say the use of anointing oil is an Old Testament practice.

Jacob took the oil and anointed the stone. You can have oil on a hard situation. There is special oil for the hardest situations.

In previous chapters, the Bible states that after Abraham had been called, he went to the Bethel region and erected an altar unto the Lord and the place was called Bethel. Though its name had been changed to Luz by the people that came after Abraham, Jacob picked the exact name that was there; Bethel.

Abraham prayed and the heavens were opened under that place. And when the third generation walked into that same place, they experienced the presence of God.

Some of the battles that you are fighting today, your children will walk over them with no effort because you would have fought for the heavens to be opened in that place.

Environments are different. Some of you didn’t have fathers who dealt with the heavens before you and that is why your walk with God is so difficult and you fight so hard for too little.

There is certain oil that works on hard places, oil that was designed for critical situations.

(vs. 20)When you pray, don’t be shy to tell God that you want wealth and substance. Tell God exactly what you want.

We pray to a God that enables us to do what He does as God.

Don’t worship God outside of His covenant. He will never bless you. Throughout the Bible, God refers to His covenants. The Egyptians were delivered not because of their covenant with God but because of God’s covenant with their father.

(vs 22.) If you want to be blessed by God, do not leave the area of what you will do for God.

Jacob left with nothing except for a bottle of oil. There was oil of the sick, oil for the priests, oil for kings and oil for the prophets.

There is something that is done to anointing oil so that it carries certain assignments.

When things are hard, that is the time to have a covenant with God.Some of you are renting. You are a stranger in that place but God will give it to you. What you need is the anointing in a difficult place. Every place where you are a stranger, there is an anointing for Lordship and ownership coming upon you!

This anointing oil does not create an experience; it will raise your awareness and make you aware of the environment.

In those dark places where you think there is no God, you just anoint yourself and call on the God of Bethel. You declare that you will go and come back because it is the place of covenant. Even if find yourself in an accident, you will be confident to know that the God of Bethel said you will go back to the place of covenant.

He is the God of covenant, whether in the Old Testament or in the New Testament.

Just like Jacob, you leave the presence of your father with oil only but when you come back, you will come back with wealth and riches.With this oil, if you leave a place empty-handed, you will come back with much.They might laugh at you whilst you leave but they will see you when you come back.

With the way that things are happening, you need to be sure that you are coming back. The God of Bethel will communicate with you wherever you go.

This oil will not create dreams but will open your eyes to those dreams that you used to miss. And as you wake up in the morning, you tell God that you want what you and make a covenant with Him.

God will find ways for the riches that are in the wrong hands to come to you.

Some of you are facing hatred at your workplace and in the systems. It doesn’t matter even if they hate you but when you leave Laban’s house, you will be followed by riches.

There is the God of Bethel that works on hard situations!

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