August 26, 2017

The Importance Of The Flesh

The Importance Of The Flesh

Understand that every spirit that confesses that Jesus came in the flesh is of God. Don’t believe every spirit. When you are discerning a spirit, you don’t just look at what it does but also what it says; you ascertain whether or not a spirit is from God through what it confesses.

The Spirit of God emphasises on the flesh of Jesus, which makes it very important and then ultimately every flesh. Jesus in the flesh needed the anointing of God upon His flesh, so the flesh is very important.

John 14 vs. 2 Jesus said after finishing preparing a place for us, He will come back and receive us, not for us to follow Him. The main reason why you are still alive is because heaven is not in need of you; you are needed here on Earth. Now that God has kept you alive, what you are supposed to do is to influence the Earth and superimpose the Kingdom of God over the Kingdom of the Earth. When the anointing of God rests upon you, you begin to do things like Jesus, even greater!

So at what point does a man receive an anointing? When God transferred His image and His likeness into man during Creation, His likeness is the anointing. What gives you power is the likeness of God in you!

A book is proof that there is an author, a song is proof that there is a composer and creation is proof that there is God! When God finished creating, He wanted to continue interacting with His creation and that’s why He sent you. If God wants to do business, He doesn’t go into a company Himself; He sends you and He does business through you. Even in the Bible; when God wanted to visit His people, He would raise a man that He would use.

When you speak, in the likeness of God, creation will respond to you! Having a body; your flesh, is not a sin. Before Adam sinned, he was in the flesh and he desired to change, to be better. So your desire to improve and to prosper is not sinful. John 14 vs. 2-3.

After getting to heaven, Jesus is making sure that the spirit has a property. This also means that there is also a place for you on Earth. The reason why God will anoint your flesh is because He wants you to function like Him on Earth. When you begin to exhibit the likeness of God, don’t limit yourself! (Ecclesiastes 8 vs. 4) Power is not always in your hands because you would have to do everything by yourself. But if it is in the mouth, you just have to speak it and then it comes to pass!