August 24, 2018

The Invisible Force in The Ark

The Invisible Force in The Ark

I would want to thank the Lord for tonight. It is by the grace of the Lord that we are here tonight. Demons never thought that we would make it up to this day and we have come here to appreciate God for what he has done.  

Honestly, I have a lot to say but as for tonight, let’s look into the word of God.  

Hebrews 9 vs. 3-4 

There is something extremely profound about the ark of the covenant.  

The ark of the covenant was designed by Moses according to the pattern given to Him by God. It had wood in the middle and it was overlain by with gold inside and outside. But there was something that was inside the ark of the Covenant; there was a pot of gold that had manna, the rod of Aaron that budded and the tables of the Commandments which were given to Moses by God but amongst these things, there was an invisible force. 

It could not be touched or felt; it was a preservation anointing,  

(Exodus 16) Naturally, manna was not supposed to last for more than the day it was picked. Our God is a providing God; He didn’t want His people to die in the wilderness. He never wanted His people to suffer in the wilderness. With His power, He made it to rain bread in the wilderness and the Israelites would wake up every morning and pick up bread.  

But according to God’s instruction to Moses, the Israelites were supposed to gather manna that was enough for that day only. But in some cases, the Israelites did not understand the importance of instructions and they gathered manna that was more than enough for that day and in the following day, that manna had worms. This was because God didn’t want the manna to last more than 2 days; He wanted His people to believe in His daily provision.  

There is something amazing about this bread; it is not like any other ordinary bread. It had the intelligence of knowing the day it was picked. This bread was so sensitive to time and days. And according to God’s instruction, if it was picked on a Friday, it would last up until Saturday. 

The reason why the worms didn’t attack it on a Saturday was because it was a Sabbath; everything, including the worms had to rest. 

There is a day that preserves us. Jesus is not only the Sabbath but the Lord of the Sabbath.  

There is an anointing in the ark of the Covenant; an awesome presence of God that was against corruption and decaying.  

Jesus is the ark; the wood represents His flesh and the gold represents the Divine. If we believe in Christ, then we should not rot; we should not decay but have eternal life!  

There is something about those who remained in the ark. 

Worms, nature, diseases and accidents should have destroyed you years ago but because you decided to remain in the ark, there is an anti-aging anointing that is in the ark! 

We will come back and celebrate 20, 30 years because there is an anointing that preserves.  

There is an anointing in the Ark that will preserve you! 

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