November 4, 2018

The Light

The Light

Today, our topic is Light.

I’m here to help you not to understand the Light but yourself; your job description and what you are supposed to do from here. I have come to get rid of every space n your life occupied by darkness. It is possible that darkness can be removed.

Removing darkness is a possibility but then the Light has to understand itself.

If Jesus calls me Light, I might not be able to perform like that until I call myself the Light.

If God calls you Light, you have to call yourself the Light for you to become the Light.

John 1 vs. 3-9

(vs. 5) When we come for the Life of Jesus, what we get is the Light. When you say you have the Life of God, you have the Light of God. The Life of God has our Light. If you claim that you have the Life of God, we look for the glory.

You cannot claim that you have the Life of God and not have the Light of God shining through you. If you want to shine, you go for the Life of God because it contains our Light.

(vs. 5) When that light gets into any form of darkness, it seeks the darkest places and from there it manifests. It is the light that manifests and shines in the darkness. All its trail of glory is in overcoming and conquering darkness.

Darkness cannot resist that Light!

(vs. 6) Men are sent from God not from physical places. We are here coming from the Lord. This is the confidence that gives us power. Call yourself what God calls you. God is not in the business of sending angels only but also men.

John 5 vs. 35

All of us are lights but our glory is different.

Have you ever seen that when you have people visiting you and each visitor introduces a different experience? There are some people who when they walk in, there is an introduction of energy. And then there are some who do not only waste your time but drain your energy. There are people like that.

We carry different lights. People carry different lights.

One thing that makes God angry is murmuring and complaining. God had the same problem with the children of Israel. If you have the same God in you, you will begin to also avoid people who always complain. There are certain individuals who cannot appreciate what God has done for them; they are always complaining.

When you do that, you are killing the environment. Murmuring kills the Light.

You have lost a lot of valuable people because of the way you waste their time. If we are ever going to progress, we have to value time.

When you begin to shine, we look at the people around you – are they happy? People around you, starting with your immediate family must rejoice in your light.

When the light comes from the sky, trees grow towards the sky. If you are the Light of the world, you must determine the way things grow depending on your Light. You set the path of growth.

Things have to grow to your level. If there are seeds around you, there must grow gravitating towards you because you make things grow.

You have to know what your surroundings benefit from you. If you are born of the Light, you have characteristics of the Light. If the Light makes things grow, you also make things grow.

You are a reservoir of energy, if people want to be encouraged, they have to come to you.

The reason you are fought too much is because you have more light and more information. The most blessed people are the ones who are fought the most.

When the Light shines, darkness has to disappear!

Genesis 1 vs 16- 19, 1-3

(vs. 3) When God said le there be light, there was light. God spoke light into being. Light then came out of God’s mouth. What makes Light important is not because it was the first thing to be created after the first great flood, God wanted to create vegetation so Light had to be introduced so that the Light could shine in the darkness.

(vs. 3) Light was given a particular place. The earth was in darkness after the fall of Lucifer and God wanted to resolve the earth and he said, Let there be Light.

(vs.4) God has a way of controlling quality, analyzing His creating and saying this is good. There cannot be good light where there is not bad light.

(John 1 vs. 9) Can you have the true light if there is no bad light? There is the Light that is not good for you; wisdom, illumination in the systems of the world that is not good for you. Not every light is good for you. You need to be able to investigate the different lights that you come across.

(Genesis 1 vs. 16) Each of these two lights were great but there was one that was greater. Your greatness is determined by your domination. You are the Light that God created and He gave you the power to rule!

What makes you great is the power to rule.

The Sun and the Moon where introduced to the same level of darkness. But the Sun transformed the darkness into day and the moon transformed the same into night. The Sun was not given the day. It made the day to be day.

They were given the same level of darkness but the Sun said I will determine the level of my greatness.

Greatness is when you get into a certain business, you will shine and build a name until you turn your night into day and extinguish all other lights.

When we are called Lights, it means we have to dominate.

(vs. 17) You have to shine from wherever you are. Without a title, your Light will penetrate into every sector, they have to feel your presence.

The Sun was created on the 4th day. It found certain things already there, which means there was Light before the Sun – the Creative Light.

There was need for that Light to prevail on the Earth before He started distributed that Light.

There is a Light that causes things to grow. There is a light that overtakes processes.

There is a certain Light that when it gets hold of your body…it is a creative Light.

There is Light that God wants to bring in Zimbabwe. He is about to introduce His reforms and things into this nation.

With this Light, you will find yourself out of certain situations and you cannot explain how you escaped. God wants to prove to you that He is the one who Reigns.

When you have Jesus, you have that creative Light in you. The Light that God has deposited in you, you can cause things to grow.

There is the Light that creates; causing things that are not there to be there.

I am now very careful, I observe the things around me – are they growing? Because I am the Light of the world.

We can revive the industries in our Land. Go and learn what Light does. If it strengthens bones, you are going to strengthen people. If people rejoiced in the Light of John, people have to rejoice in your Light.

Within that Light lies the power to turn night into day; the Light that brings an end to problems, no matter the situation.

There is a Light that determines the end of a season and the beginning of another.

The Light determine s the days and times and seasons. You measure your age by the days on the calendar but there is a Light that can determine your age, not a period. You haven’t started enjoying life yet!

It doesn’t matter how deep the devil has buried you; we are called the Light of God! We don not want to hide the Light; it has to shine!

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