September 15, 2019

The Move of God

The Move of God

There is something very important that each of us have to learn; you always have to train yourself to overlook what is happening around you and focus on what God is doing on you.

Don’t allow your personal experiences to overwhelm you to the extent that you can’t see the hand of God. So many hands are at work in your Life but above all, the hand of God is at work in your Life.

Belonging to such a movement and still not believe or fail to adequately thank God, I fear that. That is my fear.

I fear missing God’s hand or failing to recognize the move of God and that a good fear and we all ought to have that fear.

People must not be encouraged or motivated to appreciate God for a miracle. If you see that happening, it means that miracles are being given to the wrong people. If that is happening to you, you have a deformity; there is something wrong with your brain.

I do not keep asking God for more; that is not my secret. I keep on focusing on what He is doing. Watching God performing a miracle, I do not need another preacher to come and tell me that God is able.

Because when God is speaking, He does so through signs and wonders.

The reason why most people no longer appreciate miracles might be we have a lot of fake miracles happening around us. But you have to be spiritual enough to discern a real miracle.

Apart from the miracle, God is showing us a new dimension of speed.

Child of God, I want you to hear this; we must never be religious people.

When God is introducing Himself in a certain level or dimension, He is showing us that He can do it. It will be an introduction of a season. But most people, they miss the move of God.

If you see a move of God, ride on it.

Have this scripture in mind; 1 Corinthians 4 vs. 20-21

(vs. 20) The writer is telling us about the location of the Kingdom of God and where you find it. It is found not in words but in Power. If you find Power, you have found the Kingdom of God.

(vs. 21) Now choose; what do you prefer? By the time you understand that scripture, the miracles that you will begin to experience in Life, you have never seen them.

Paul is about to visit the Church of Corinth and in the letter, He is asking them how he should come to them. Whether I come with a rod, it is the members that decide the kind of man of God that comes to minister on a Sunday.

That is a massive revelation.

(vs. 21) Before he comes, he is asking them how he should come. They were going to determine how the man of God will function.

All your life, did you know that you could choose how the man of God could come to you?

Whenever he comes with a rod, or healing the sick or raising people from poverty, it is determined by the congregants.

(Luke 8 vs. 43-48) It is not Jesus who decided to be touched on the helm of His garment. It was the lady with the issue of Blood. She decided to have her own service.You decide how the man of God should come to you. People should learn to place a demand on the man of God. If there is no demand, the power doesn’t flow.

If we are to unite and agree in touching anything and present it before our Father, our Father will do it for us.

(vs. 21)Do not blame what is happening around you on anyone. Decide how you want God to visit you. In every man of God, there is a rod, there is love.

Look at how the Earth is decorated. In six days, God was done creating it. How about your small problem?

The way you treat the anointing determines what you get. Any situation that you think is impossible, bring it before the Lord.

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