May 26, 2019

The Mystery of Open Doors 2

The Mystery of Open Doors 2

I have come to understand that in life, if a door is not opened, you cannot do anything. The opening of an opportunity by God is not entirely up God. Though you may notice that it is God who opens doors but it is not entirely up to Him.

There is something that you are expected to do by God even if He is to open doors for you.

(John 2 vs. 4) Jesus did not say to His mother that I am going to perform a miracle or correct the situation; He said my time is not yet come. Mary then told the people that were there to do everything that Jesus tells them to do. She knew that Jesus was going to ask them to do something before He can perform a miracle.

There are things that you are going to be expected to do in your life before doors are opened. You will have to do something about your life before Jesus comes in to perform  the mircle part that you can’t do. And what He is going to ask you to do is within your ability, within your grace of that moment.

Whatever He tells you to do, do your part.

(Job 32 vs. 6- 8) Elihu got a revelation that it is not just about age or experience or who was born first. When he talks about the Spirit in man, what he is saying is that in people, there are spirits that God inspires. And He gives understanding to their spirits.

There is a part in man to which only the Almighty gives inspiration and understanding. People have been everywhere, trying to improve themselves physically but yet in them, there is a Spirit that the Almighty gives inspiration.

Circular education will never be enough. The part of you that only God can inspire, no man can inspire. God can inspire the spirit in a man to do wonders. When God touches the spirit in a man, you will be amazed at what that person will be able to do.

There is another source of information where God brings information not to your mind but to your spirit.

Why are we talking about open doors? It is because unless a door is opened, one cannot see.

(Revelation 4 vs. 1) Already John was in the prophetic mode. He could see the door and that is proof that there was another door that was already opened.

You want to know where you are going, your future? You have to see through a door. There is a place where you are invited by God where you can take a look at things that are yet to come.

Who are you in the future? It is hard to comprehend because you are thinking that the future is in a place somewhere.

You are going to be invited by God to see what will happen in the future.

There is something about knowing what will happen; it gives you confidence. You won’t waste your time studying for something that you will never practice.

(vs. 2) John was already in the Spirit but then in this verse he says he got into the Spirit. This means that God moves us in stages.

Doors will lead to the next door. You must entertain small doors. You open a little door to discover bigger doors. (Genesis 40-41) Because of the way that Joseph treated a smaller door (palace servants), he got to the bigger door (Pharaoh).

(Revelation 4 vs. 2) God had opened a little door to John and after that, a bigger door was opened.

(Habakkuk 2 vs. 2) You have a vision and not until the vision is written, it will not come to pass.

You write what you see. And how can you see if the door is not opened. If you see the vision, you then have to write the vision.

Don’t write anyhow. You have to make the vision plain and simple. You may not achieve a vision that you have complicated. Make it plain. Write it in a way that if you look at it tomorrow, you will understand it.

It is not complicated ideas that will give you more money in life.

How is it that you see things happen in the future before they happen in the present? Where is that place? You can see a thing today before it materializes. You can touch it and experience it today.

In you, God placed a desired future. There is a dream, a vision that is sufficient for your survival on this earth.

(2 Corinthians 4 vs. 7) The writer calls it treasure; money. We have money contained in the vessel that is of earth. What is treasure? It is the spirit in a man that is inspired by God.

(2 Timothy 2 vs. 20) The body of Christ, the church, is a great house in its totality but not every member is made of gold. In a great house, there are people whose material is wood. No matter the size, anointing of the church, no matter what the Pastor would do, they will remain the same.

In a great house, not everyone will be made of gold. There is not anointing that will turn every member to gold.

(vs. 20) Some are to honor and some to dishonor. All of the church members are vessels, some to honor but some not unto honor.

Have you concluded that you are going to be a vessel unto dishonor? God is saying I don’t decide that. You can purge yourself and make yourself a vessel unto honor.

You can make a choice never to be called a nobody.

When you are a vessel unto honor, you must hang around people that give you the honor due to you.

(Mark 8 vs. 22) There is something about the touch of the Lord. The people knew that if someone is touched by Jesus, it is the only place where visions are restored.

(vs. 23) Jesus took the blind man out of the city because Jesus didn’t want him to start by seeing finished buildings. Jesus wants to give this man a vision but He is worried about what this man is going to see. So Jesus took him out of the city. Because before the city was built, it was once a forest.

God wants to give you a vision at its infancy. Let your vision be as simple as a forest. Some of you ignored forests but your journey will begin in things that might not make sense to you.

(Isaiah 29 vs. 10-11) You might be educated and read every book but you can fail to master seals. You can be educated but your life will still remain locked, sealed.

There are some people who blame their failure on one thing. They think that if they had finished certain education, they would be able to break the seal and yet there are some who are educated and yet they are failing to understand and to break the seal.

You have to know that it is not about education; in life there is power that unlocks seals.

There is something greater and powerful than the acquisition of information. You need an anointing to help you access the sealed books. The day that the anointing comes on you, there is a special anointing that breaks yokes and seals.

There is a special anointing that if it rests on a child of God, it will make them not to work for other people forever.

As long as you are going to rely on a salary, you are never going to be rich in your life. A salary is a starting place but don’t end there. You will never get a salary that is enough. You need the favor of God to have another door within the open door.

The day you decide to escape from evil spirits, don’t turn back. To purge means to cut off certain branches; you will bleed. You have to sacrifice and start developing yourself from there.

The church is the only system left that can bring you hope. In a man is a spirit and the inspiration of the Almighty will give you understanding.