June 2, 2019

The Mystery of Open Doors: VISION

The Mystery of Open Doors: VISION


A man who was blind and poor got a chance to stand before the Creator to ask for anything and he said, that I may receive sight, not money. There is a great lesson you should learn from the son of Timaeus. (Mark 10 vs. 46-52)

If you find yourself in the presence of God, never ask for money, ask for Vision.  Say Lord, so that I am receive my sight. The restoration of your sight will change your financial standing in the society.

There is need for a door to be opened before you can see.

(Revelation 4 vs. 1-2) There are visions and certain revelations and thoughts that are easily accessible, even before you come too spiritual, that’s if there is such a thing as being too spiritual. There are ordinary visions, ideas that so many people are pursuing, which are easily accessible; dreams and ideas about Life that you can have even before you are born again.

Cheap voices, cheap revelations, God made those available to all his creatures because He knows that not all of us can be spiritual.

(vs. 1)The voice said to John, If you want to experience another dream within a dream, a vision within a vision, you have to be elevated first.

Be flexible enough, be mobile. God will call you into another profession from another profession.

There is something about having a vision. What is supposed to happen first is for you to have a vision of yourself. God first has to talk to you about you. Before He even talks to you about anything else, He has to talk to you about you; where you are the subject of the conversation.

There is no interpretation of a dream without the dreamer.  3 people can have the same dream and all the interpretations of the dream can be different. And what brings the difference are the people; the personalities in the dream. Don’t ever try to interpret a dream without the person or the dreamer. It matters who dreamt it.

In as much as the dream is good, is the dream as good as the dreamer? You cannot separate the dream from the dreamer.

It is not about an excellent vision, it is about the visionary.

The vision about you is more important than the vision you see about the future. You move from where you are and walk through ordinary revelations into extra ordinary revelations.

There is a revelation about you that you need to understand.

(Habakkuk 2 vs. 2)First, you have to see the vision and after seeing the vision, you have to write the vision down and make sure it is plain.

The place where you write the vision matters. Why write the vision on stones? You are writing it on a solid place. Put it on a place where it cannot be erased. Some of you, God has given you good visions. Put it on a permanent place where it can never be erased.

If you are going to be successful, you have to make two decisions;

  1. A decision that you are going to be successful
  2. A decision that you are never going to change the first decision.

You have to make up your mind that nothing will change that.

There is something about a vision that is written on a rock. There is nothing as dangerous as a girl or boy who has laid their vision on a rock, no matter what other preacher or any other man of God says.

Not every prophet has your prophecy. Not because he is not your prophet but because he is not your prophet. No matter what other Prophet is going to say, what only matters is what your Prophet says about you.

If your covering doesn’t cover something, or even a relationship, you don’t need it.

Your vision has to be written on a rock.

Some of you are still weak in the Spirit. You have to grow and mature. Write your vision on a rock, make it plain. What you declare has to come to pass.

Before you write a vision, understand yourself. It doesn’t matter the vision that you see in the future, worry about the vision that you see about yourself.

Who are you? Who am I?

Some of you will be shocked to realize that you won’t be able to remember a single day that you prayed asking God; your Creator who you are and what is your purpose.

Not having God coming to you to describe you, to you is the reason why the devil is sending people into your way to tell you other things.

You are who God says you are!

(2 Corinthians 4 vs. 7) Is your money, success, car, house or marriage partner in Heaven? No. The treasure is within the earthen vessel. This physical body, when God formed it, He put His treasure.

(Job 28 vs. 1-2)There are people who are qualified to extract iron from the Earth, which means the cars we have were mined out of the Earth. All these care we have where within the Earth but in another form.

If you pray for substance and material blessings, God will never send His angels with it but He will give you a revelation of how you can get it.

The same way God designed the Earth, He designed you. You cannot find gold everywhere. Everyone is called into mining. You start by mining yourself; discovering where the treasure is within the earthen vessel.

You have to mine your profession from your earthen vessel. You have to discover that. Even if before you marry, there is need for exploration of the desired earthen vessel because gold is not everywhere.

It is a very painful process of discovering where the gold is within you.

(Matthew 26 vs. 36-48) Gethsemane means a wine press, a place where oil is pressed. It is the only place where Jesus looked at His disciples and told them that His soul was troubled.

It is in Gethsemane; a place where your oil, your anointing is tested and pressed out of you. Money is formed out of pressure. As a way of escaping the pressure, you will find your exit.

There is a vein in you of gold, a vein for silver, a vein in you for brass. Where is your money? In you, there is a part that carries the money.

Do you carry any value? People around you and friends around compromise your value. There a number of people in your life which are the reason why your value is going down.

Within you, there is a place where there is money.

Can you imagine, child of God, that in you,  there is a place where there is money, treasure. God put something in you that can make you have money.

Study yourself. Ask God to give you a vision of yourself. What is going to give value to your vision of the future is the vision of yourself.

You need to ask the Lord to qualify you for the success that you have seen. Some of you have seen visions and big things but you’re disqualified for them. You are not working towards your vision. You are not working towards what you have seen.

Which problem are you going to solve? When there are problems on Earth, God is giving you an opportunity to do something.

You have to ask God to help you to understand what you carry within you. Become a Youth of substance!