May 19, 2019

The Mystery Of Open Doors

The Mystery Of Open Doors

I am here to present the mystery behind open doors or open gates.

(Revelation 1 vs. 17) What John had seen that confused him was what was in the right hand of the Alpha. There were stars there but there is something about the stars which were in the right hand of the Alpha and Omega.

(vs. 20) Jesus then began to explain to John saying what he had seen in His right hand were the seven pastors or seven leaders from the church in Asia.

These are not stars of the firmament but these are the pastors. He also explains that the seven golden candlesticks were the seven churches.

I want you to understand the purpose of the church. John heard a voice from behind and when he turned, he saw the church and he saw Jesus standing in the midst of the candlesticks. Jesus is speaking through the Church. Jesus speaks through the Church.

Through the church, the Alpha and Omega will speak to you.

In life you are going to travel as far as your light can shine. The place where your Light can’t beam, you are not allowed there according to spiritual laws. If you are going to go further in life, you have to shine brighter than your parents. Especially if that light is information.

When the light does not shine, some of you it is not that you don’t have light but it is because your light is not focused. The information that you have is scattered. The light that you carry, the information that you have now needs to be focused.

If your information is not properly controlled, it might hurt you.

You have to focus your light on one area and gain mastery over it. Where in life do you want to become a champion?

(1 John 1 vs. 5) In God, there is no darkness because He is Light.

(Psalm 36 vs. 9) Receiving the life of God is receiving the Light of God. When you got born again, you visited one dimension of Light and it is in that dimension that you access another light.

After being born again, there is another dimension of light called information. That light is not God. In His light you will see the light. If you end there in the light of God, you will die a miserable child of God.

When you get into that Light, you have to see another light.

(Revelation 3 vs. 6-8)The church at Philadelphia had a pastor but information concerning the church was not given to the local pastor but to John the Apostle. You can belong to a church were the local pastor has no access to the voice of God.

The pastor was in the right hand of Jesus but couldn’t hear what Jesus was saying. That is why he insisted that let him with ears hear what the Lord is saying (vs. 6)

It doesn’t matter how close you are to God. You can be close and not be able to decipher His word, until a John writes you a letter.

What John wrote was what Jesus said in the presence of the seven churches.

Church has become the most miserable place. It has become the gathering of failures. We have become an insult to the grace of God. People are going to church to the same stars (pastors) and yet the stars (pastors) don’t have access to the prophetic.

Some of you are confused why people go to church and yet they don’t change. Is God trying or can He really save people from the powers of darkness?

(vs. 7) This is the one who created everything. He knows their abilities.

There is a list of people that you are blaming for closing certain doors in your life and yet there is no man who can close what Jesus has opened.

(vs. 8) The door has already been set, where? Right before you! Who put it there? Jesus!

“Behold” means open your eyes and see that right before you there is an open door.

It doesn’t matter the stature of the man, if the door was opened by the Alpha, no one can close it.

(vs. 8) “Little Strength” He knows that you are weak; He knows you don’t have the power to protect and guard the door so that it cannot be closed. So He will open it Himself and guard it.

Failure to see will render the door useless.

Everything that God created, He set an open door for that creature for its survival. He makes sure that despite the path you choose, the door will be right before you.”

If the door is set and programmed to be before you and it is open, it means whatever direction you choose, you have an open door that will give you access to the next dimension in your life.

The door has a divine seal that no man can shut; whether a politian or your father or your mother.

So if it is open, why is it that you cannot enter? Your problem is in the blinding of your eyes.

The devil also listens to the word of God. He knows that there is a divine declaration that the door cannot be closed by any man. He won’t hire anyone to try and close the door. The devil knows that no man can shut the door but God didn’t say no spirit. So he puts it on himself; he raises the battle to another level.

With your degrees and diplomas, you are approaching a spiritual dimension that requires spiritual weapons.

There are demons out there that can render your education useless.

Any open door before you; if you move, it moves also because it was instructed by God to remain before you. If God says no one can shut it, the devil cannot shut it because it is covered by the word of God.

The devil then leaves the door, the opportunity and he blinds the man; he blinds you. That is why God is saying “Behold”. Fight to see!

If he blinds you, you will never walk into it and he would have achieved what he wanted.

The door is open and it is before us but how many of us can see the door? You will pray and fast like it is not there, asking God when your time is coming.

Doors to your next level in life are always before you and the reason why we are always praying for them is because we cannot see them.

(1 Corinthians 16 vs. 8-9) Paul was spiritual enough to discern that the door was open unto him. The door was just not great but effectual.

You have to discern the owner of the door before you use it. You don’t just enter through the door simply because it is open. You have to discern the ownership of the door.

When you find yourself in trouble, you have to know that you used a door to get into that problem.

Failure to discern the door is what has led you to where you are today. Failure to discern can lead people into marriages that are not theirs.

Not every open door is yours, no matter how great and effectual it is.

(vs. 8) He also discerned how long the door is going to remain open. The door won’t remain open. Make a decision and discern when the door is going to close.

(vs. 9) He puts doors and enemies in one verse, why; he wants to prove to some of you that the presence of adversaries doesn’t mean it is not yours.

In the midst of the enemies, he discerns the greatness of the door.

The fact that there were adversaries was a confirmation to him that the door was his.

Make sure the door is before you and it is thoroughly discerned. If you use somebody’s door, you will partake of their miseries.

Who do you want to become? Before you is a door and God is saying no man can close it.

The door cannot be removed but your vision. The devil is not concerned about your power and anointing, he is worried about your vision.

You don’t receive grace for a war that is not yours. God doesn’t give you a strategy for a war that’s not yours.

Know this;

  • There is a door
  • Discern the size of the door
  • Discern how long the door is going to be open
  • Discern whose door it is