March 24, 2019

The Name of Jesus

The Name of Jesus

Acts 4 vs. 12,  29-31

Chapter 4 of the book of Acts comes after a man who was born lame was healed in the name of Jesus by Peter and John (chapter 3). He was lame from birth and at that time of his healing he was 40. He never walked nor stand and not for 4 days but for 40 days.

(Acts 3 vs 2) They carried him to the temple for 40 years, not to worship but to borrow from those coming from worship.

(vs. 3) This man, seeing Peter and John, asked for the wrong thing; money

(vs. 4).Peter’s eyes at that moment where fastened not on anything else but at that man who was born lame. When the eyes of the man of God are fastened on you, you have to know that something is about to happen. If the man of God looks at you, you have to also look at the man of God. Give the same focus. I know you might have been suffering from this problem for a long time but you need to shift your focus and look at the solution.

(vs. 5) The man gave heed and this is the process. It didn’t matter that he was lame but he gave heed to the man of God. If you shift your focus, you will have your miracle.

We may think that he was expecting something but something can be anything. But the good thing is that his focus on the man of God was for him to receive something. Peter did not expect to receive anything from the man but the man was expecting and ready to receive something from the man of God; Peter.

(vs. 6) “…Peter said…” The thing that is about to be delivered to you is going to be said because what you need and desire are in the saying of the man of God. It doesn’t matter what people said; they said you are a beggar but we are here to say something about you.

(vs. 6) You must be sure of what you have. That is not pride. Peter knew what he had and he was aware of the healing power of God he had and that he could give it to anyone.

(vs, 6) “…In the name of Jesus…” That is it; the name of Jesus! Notice what Peter has; it is the name of Jesus.

(Acts 4 vs. 12)The name of Jesus is no longer with Jesus; it is given. If it was given, someone has it. Someone is in possession of the name of Jesus.

That is where miracles are created. How can the name of Jesus still remain in heaven when it was given?

All of us, we desire to go to heaven but what makes heaven to be heaven is not the place but the presence of Jesus. If Jesus is in a place permanently, He converts that place into heaven.

It is His presence that makes a place to be Heaven. Heaven is not where the place is but where the presence of God is. He makes Heaven to be Heaven.

If God comes down here, it becomes Heaven. But what if the same God who has the same power to turn hell into Heaven comes in you and carries the same presence into your body?

Heaven and earth were the same place but when God chose the former, it became a better place. God did not choose Heaven; He made Heaven. If He then chose to come into you; your body is transformed into Heaven.

(Matthew 10 vs. 7) Jesus didn’t say if you get to a place, invite the kingdom of God to come; He said if you get there, make them understand that at your arrival, the kingdom of God has come.

What makes a place to be Heaven? It is the presence of Jesus in that place that makes it Heaven.

We were like Hell before Jesus came. He is the one who makes us to be Heaven.

When Jesus enters your body, you cease to be a man; you become a place.

You are ceasing to be an ordinary person; you are becoming place. Can you imagine that God says in you all the nations of the earth shall be blessed; you become a place!

Peter, what do you have? The name of Jesus!

That is the only name given under the physical Heaven. The name of Jesus is down here. If the name of Jesus was given, someone has it and that person has the ability to give it to someone.

I believe that the name of Jesus was given; the name of Jesus!

(Acts 3 vs. 6) Peter said he didn’t have silver and gold, not because he didn’t have money. The Beautiful gate was for the rich and that is the reason why this lame man would sit at the Beautiful gate because that was where the money was.

What Peter was saying was that I am not going to give you money but the name that will raise you up. He didn’t give him the product; he gave the lame man the process.

You have been helped by so many people but in the wrong areas. Your problem is not money but lack of the name of Jesus. If I give you money, you will come back to the Beautiful Gate but if I give you the name, you will rise up.

(vs. 8) The man leaped getting into the church. Whatever the Lord is going to do for you, you have to come closer to Him. Whether money or promotion; it is there to draw you closer to God.

If you are going to think for a minute about this; there is no any other name given to men by which we may be saved. So the name given to man is with man; the name of Jesus!

(Acts 4 vs. 16) They discovered that the miracle was undeniable so they told Peter and John not to mention the name of Jesus. They begged the apostles to leave the name of Jesus from their sermons so that the people would remain poor.

If these people were scared of that name; don’t play with it!

(vs. 31) When you invite the presence of Jesus, the whole place becomes Heaven. If the hand of God is stretched, it touches the people who are far away from you. When the hand of God is stretched, we see signs and wonders.

The name of Jesus is with people. You might not have it but don’t think that the rest of the people don’t have it.

The name of Jesus in us is what creates miracles. When the hand of God is stretched, it reaches out to places that are beyond our reach.

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