July 28, 2019

The Way of The Spirit: A Broken Spirit

The Way of The Spirit: A Broken Spirit

What do you do when problems become immune, resistant to the solutions that you are carrying? Problems are developing and they are becoming better and changing every day. What do you do when Life and the Earth under you begin to move? That is why I am bringing you this topic of The Way of The Spirit.

Proverbs 17 vs. 22

(vs 22) “..But a broken spirit drieth the bones…” There are so many places in the Bible where the word speaks about a broken spirit referring to humility, but this particular verse is referring to the condition of the Spirit; the health of the Spirit.

This is something that you thought can’t be broken but it can be broken.

We can study and understand the way of the Spirit. You can say I want to choose a career amongst many careers but before I do that, I want to give my Spirit a chance to choose a path. When your things line up that when you hold a text book, you will be studying something that is in agreement with your Spirit.

You need to find the way of the Spirit

The way of the Spirit is what helps us to do what we do. If you do something in life and even if you are good at it and the Spirit is not in agreement, there will be a conflict and you will die young.

But let us look at how the Spirit can get broken and make the bones to be dry.

So if I am to have a revival of my bones, we have to study the Spirit.

Where is the dryness of the bones? Inside the bones that is where the blood is manufactured and now we are getting back to the life of the Flesh being in the Blood.

As Spirits, we were birthed by God and that Spirit that you thought was a Human Spirit as if it was created by Humans; that is the Spirit of God, inside the Flesh. When it was given to the Flesh, the Flesh can take the Spirit to wrong places and do wring things which will get the Spirit to be broken.

The issue of seniority should be known in the committee called You. Your Flesh should be in continuous submission to the Spirit.

How do you arrest the Flesh? By arresting the desires of the Flesh. Let the Spirit make the decisions.

(1 Samuel 16) Prophet Samuel almost anointed the wrong person because he considered the outward appearance. The Prophet Samuel had seen through himself, not through God because if he was seeing through the eyes of God, he would have seen what God was seeing.

When the bones are dried up, it means that there is no more blood. The brokenness of the Spirit is passed on to the bones and the bones become dry. There is now no more activity in your blood; no more information is being handed over to your Flesh.

Once the Spirit gets injured, bones are affected and the blood dries.

By being a creature, it means that you started from somewhere. There is a time when God was by Himself and another time when He created you in Him.

(Genesis 1 vs. 26) Man was made by God is His own image. This is not the time when God formed the flesh from the dust of the Earth. This is the creation or formation of the Spirit; the true man.

When God created you, He was the raw material. He took you out of His Spirit and you carry the likeness of God. When it was the creation of your Flesh, the Earth donated towards the creation but when it was the creation of your Spirit, God created you from Him; His Spirit and God became like your Earth and you remained in God for some years.

We left God because the dominion in us was over the Earth. You have the likeness of God but your dominion is over here. God has dominion in the Heavens and He gave dominion over the Earth to Man. So that dominion is what motivated God to transfer you from Him onto the Earth.

The Spirit was given dominion over every creeping thing and remember; the Flesh is also a creeping thing so the Spirit man has dominion over it.

You have to exercise dominion over the Flesh and how can you do that? You can heal the Flesh.

(vs.26) If God is to release everything that resembles Him and there comes out a female and a male part, it means there is a female and male part in God. There is a part of God that makes a woman to be a woman.

(Acts 16 vs. 18) This was a girl but you get a “He” Spirit coming out of her.

You need to be careful. If you are a woman, you are made a woman by the Spirit of a woman. Allowing a Spirit of a man to come in, that will create problems in your relationshipms

What also makes a man to be a man is not just the body but the Spirit of a man in him.

The coming together of the Spirit and the Flesh; that is marriage. That marriage must be correct and it is made correct by God; He made sure that part doesn’t have errors. A male Spirit enters a male body and a female Spirit enters into a female body.

After the Great Flood, the Spirits that had their bodies, lost them and now, these Spirits are now looking for accommodation so we have male Spirits not entering into male bodies but female bodies and they take over and begin to act like men.

Young girl, understand what makes you a girl. Maintain that female Spirit and do not allow a foreign male Spirit from another world to get into you.

The Holy Spirit doesn’t possess you. He is there to help you. What He does is to communicate with the Spirit and give suggestions.

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