January 28, 2018

The Right Decision

The Right Decision

The Bible makes it clear that there isn’t one god available but there is one, true God that exists. Our God is a doing God; the Earth we see is the practical side of God.

People make decisions every day, some of which are not always the best. But being in good books with your Creator; that’s the best decision you can ever make. Salvation is very important! It is the right decision!

When I look at the Prophetic Ministry, it is a ministry that millions of people admire. Many people want to prophesy but they don’t know that it is not a pleasant ministry because you won’t have the privilege to enjoy the moment.

The things that we see when we are sleeping are proof that there is a supernatural world beyond the physical world that we know. There comes a point where Life is the most important thing for you; you won’t think about business or family, Life become the most important subject.

If you are a minister of the gospel, understand that ministry is not your number one priority; God is your number one priority, followed by your family and then comes ministry. You can be deceived as a minister to think that spending time serving God is the same as spending time with God. You have to be in good books with God as a minster of the Gospel.

The things of God are like foolishness to some people. Education doesn’t give you wisdom for life; it gives you information for a certain area, that’s all. Education will never help you to understand God better than without it because all they teach from grade 1 is you can do it without God. It seeks for you to believe that there is no God. But you must understand this; you might lose everything in life but don’t lose Jesus.

Getting into good books with God is the best decision that you will ever make and though you might lose everything, don’t lose God.