September 22, 2019

They That Know Their God…

They That Know Their God…

Daniel 11 vs. 32

There is a prophecy that was given by Daniel, before he described a generation that was to come. But before he said that, he said something profound in verse 1.

(vs. 1) At the time when the prophecy was given, it was very critical. Here Daniel is giving us the time when the prophecy came and that is very important, and that was in the 1st year of Darius’ reign.

(vs. 1)“…to confirm and to strengthen him…” The Prophet had to stand and to confirm Darius the King, and also to strengthen him. He was already king of the Medes but he needed Daniel the Prophet to confirm that he was king and also to strengthen him, which means for a year, he was an unconfirmed King of the Medes and he was weak.

For the Prophet to have confirmed him, it means according to the volume of the books, he was not confirmed as King and for these two reasons, Daniel had to stand for the king of the Medes in order to confirm and strengthen him.

Look at the direction of where the strength is coming from. It is coming from the Prophet to the King.

It is not given to kings or politians to confirm and strengthen prophets; it is the Prophet that confirms and strengthens. It is the Prophetic that confirms.

A King needs a prophet to be there but a prophet can be there without a King.

(Exodus 17 vs. 8-13) God instructed Moses to go up the mountain and stretch his hands over the valley where the battle was.

There is a stretching forth of Divine Hands over your situation!

Daniel had to do what he did whilst he was standing not whilst he was sitted. Moses also had to stand and stretch his hands over the Israelites; which was a sign of a mighty covering over them.

But every time he would put his hands down, some men of Israel got killed. When Moses got tired, the Israelites got tired. When he transferred power to the Israelites, they began to conquer.

When one is fighting, they have to know who is standing and confirming their battle. Moses was standing afar from them physically but spiritually, he was participating.

(vs. 32) Daniel is giving us a prophecy of things that were already happening but also he is giving us a prophecy of the Anti-Christ. We are living in a time where people are being corrupted by mere words. But they that know their God…

Knowing their God will be their source of strength. The Bible is not promising us that everyone will do exploits but the people; not angels or seraphims but people who know their God shall do exploits.

These are not the most prayerful people but they will develop a mental capacity and what they carry mentally will energize them to do exploits.

So one might ask, What am I expected to know about this God that will give me strength?

It means one has to know God at a point of weakness. At your weakest point, that is your opportunity to study, understand, comprehend and discern God.

For me to be strong, it means I have to know God when I am weak. At your weakest point, it is a time to learn and understand God.

At that moment when you are weak, get to know God; study Him.

What is God communicating with you through your current experience? Some of you are prolonging your stay at the college of God because you are failing to comprehend the reason why you are going through what you are going through now.

What have you learnt so far? Because God doesn’t want you to leave that class until you comprehend everything that you are supposed to comprehend there.

In times of weakness, what most people begin to study is their weakness. But the principle is clear – they that know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

The question now is; what do you know?

Whilst others are training and learning other areas, you need to begin to study and understand God. God is a different syllabus that is you study and comprehend it; it becomes your strength.

The reason why you go through some problems is because the devil is playing around with the textbooks; he removes that which contain God and put your problems and you end up just studying your problems for years.

(Daniel 3 vs 16-28) If Shadreck, Meshack and Abednego were to study the fire, they were going to have knowledge only about the fire.

You will be burnt according to your knowledge of the fire.  But they that know their God, they shall be strong and do exploits.

I understand that what you maybe going through might be fire. But your knowledge of God must not be overwhelmed by the knowledge of the fire.

(vs. 17) They said “…out of your hand, he will deliver us…” Shadreck, Meshack and Abednego were captives in a foreign land but they did not allow their slavery to contaminate their knowledge of God, even though they were about to get burnt.

It is very rare to hear a slave saying such. After being captured, still they said, “…out of your hand…”

Even when you are still under the captivity of the devil, you need to prepare a speech and tell him that one of these days, I shall be set free from your hands.

First it’s knowing God and then strength to exploits.

(Philippians 3 vs. 10) Paul said that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection. Some of us, we know too much and everything we know has got nothing to with our strength.

One might wonder what is the source of their weakness. It is because everything that you have known, you have left out God.  The devil wants you to learn what you are going through and forget God.

It is what we know that has weakened us. But they that know their God…

What is your conclusion if you put God and fire there? What you know the most will consume you. If you know God, He will consume you but if know more about the fire, it will consume you.

Put God and your situation there, there is not even any comparison. Some of you, you give up too early. You have to wait for the word given for its inception. Abraham waited for his promised child.

Some of you, what you know is your Pastor or Prophet but not your God. And that is why you are weak.

The reason why God gives me strength is because I know my God. If you come and learn my God, that is a violation of the scripture in Daniel. You have to know your God.

People have to know this; the people who wrote the Bible were inspired to write the Bible. They didn’t have the Bible; they knew their God.

(John 20 vs. 30) Some people say everything has to be in the Bible and the Bible says everything is not written in this book. So if Jesus did something that was not recorded in the Bible, we then need someone with prophetic grace to read what is not written in the Bible.

You must be prophetic enough to be able to read what is not written.

(Ephesians 3 vs. 20) God has the ability to do what you have asked for and what you have thought of. He has the ability to collect prayers at the thought to your imagination; things that you have not even prayed for.

(vs. 20)The ability is according to the power that works in us, not in Him. So God does it according to that power.

Develop and nurture the Godliness in you. You gain strength by knowing Him.

What you are seeing can paralyze you. Everything that you are seeing is discouraging. It is during the time of weakness that the people that know their God will do exploits.

There is something wrong with our understanding; what we think we know doesn’t work. What we need is for us to stop looking outside; for the power that worketh is in us. Our solutions are within. The power worketh not in God but in us.

This God will deliver us because He has already delivered us. Don’t lose hope. But when God delivers us, be careful that the devil doesn’t eat all your strength.

Don’t let stress and depression to sit in your blood. Anything that is feeding on your strength now, you have to let it go! You must tell yourself that your joy is coming in the morning. Do not study what they are going to do but understand what God is doing and when you know God, you will receive strength.

I am standing today like Daniel to confirm and strengthen you. You might have lost all your strength but I am here to give you strength.

Get rid of things that consume your strength!

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