January 1, 2020

#UFICCrossoverService2019-2020 Elevation By Revelation

#UFICCrossoverService2019-2020 Elevation By Revelation

There is a kind of manifestation of God that we are going to witness this Year.

I do not want you to observe the wind, I don’t not want you to observe the clouds, I do not want you to go by the economic climate because that is never going to determine the move of God in your Life. You are going to experience the Hand of God in a very unique way!

God is going to move and operate in your life like you are not even in that hard place where you are right now.

Now the time has come. We want God to prove to us that He is God. There are things that you know you cannot do for yourself. This year, by seeing those things happening in your life;you will know that it is not your own doing but it is God doing them for you!

Galatians 2 vs. 2

Paul is saying I went up by revelation.

Paul had visited a place but he is telling us that he didn’t just go there because he felt like going. There is a city that he visited but he is letting us know that the reason he went up was by revelation.

In life, if you are ever going to go up, it will be by revelation.

Your level of revelation is going to take you to greater heights. You cannot have a revelation and remain ordinary. It is the revelation of God in your Life that will bring your elevation this Year. I know you have been in one place too long, going around the same mountain over and over again. But if you are ever going to go up this year, it is by revelation.

Revelation is going to lift some brothers and sisters from ordinary places into uncommon places!

Every single revelation about God that your spirit will pick up, elevation will be activated.