January 1, 2020

#UFICCrossoverService2019-2020 The Spirit Man

#UFICCrossoverService2019-2020 The Spirit Man

What makes a man unique and different is the Spirit within the physical man. Daniel was promoted and elevated; he was paid physically because of the Spirit he had.

Understand this; if God is to give you anything, that thing will be given to the Spirit man. The real man is the inner man.

When God blesses an individual, it is given to the Spirit; a career is given to the Spirit.

There is a blessing that God gave to you that must be handed over to the next generation. It is not supposed to end with you. But when God is blessing an individual, even if it is a career that He is giving to you, it is given to the Spirit and I will train you on how to download the information in the Spirit so that it can also be handed over to your physical man so that you will be able to produce excellence in your work. We want to see a manifestation of excellence in your work!

You have to excel in your field. It is going to be very serious.

God gives abilities to the Spirit in a man. And at that level in the Spirit, you are already a successful person. The ability to become is then given to the Spirit man. When God placed the Spirit in you, it wasn’t just a spirit. Within that spirit was a career, a destiny and a future. Who you become is not something that God will give to you; it is already given! The capacity and the potential was given to the Spirit but what most people miss is how to bring it out from the Spirit to the physical.

There will be no room for something that is below standard. You need to practice, exercise and work on yourself until you become excellent in your area.

You thought your Life was about to end but it is just about to begin!

The gift in the Spirit will not benefit you physically. It cannot help you pay your bills. It has to be transferred and downloaded to the Flesh to the extent where your Flesh will be mentored by your Spirit.

Bringing out excellent to the Flesh is where most people miss it. The success of every child of God is written in the Spirit. Our journey this year is not asking God to give us blessings but to exploit and bring out the blessings that God has already given to us.

If you are given a gift in the Spirit, the Spirit has to teach the Flesh how to operate through the gift.

It has to be downloaded from the Spirit into the Flesh. Everything that was deposited by God in you that hasn’t been seen in the Flesh will manifest this Year!

You are heavily secured and protected this Year!