July 19, 2020

Unusual Authority Over Demons: Spirit Style

Unusual Authority Over Demons: Spirit Style
(Mark 2 vs 1-12) Jesus entered into a house and it was full of people. A man was brought in who was sick and couldn’t walk. He was lying on a bed and seeing that the room was full, they had to rip apart the roof and lower the man down right before the presence of Jesus.
Before Jesus healed the man physically, he had to heal the man spiritually by forgiving his sins. Which means he had another condition that was more critical which required urgent attention more than what people could see physically.
And that is what Jesus addressed first;
“Son, your sins are forgiven” It is a style.
So what do we learn from that? Unless the spirit is corrected, you cannot correct the physical.
If you want to have a complete healing of your physical, you must first have complete healing of your spirit.
The people brought this man to Jesus because they wanted Him to address the physical aspect of the man but according to Jesus’ style, you cannot correct the physicality of a man unless you correct his spirituality.
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