July 8, 2018

Whose Gift? 2

Whose Gift? 2

When God brings a word to His people, He has an intended goal. You need to believe, accommodate and work with other people so that their gift can work for you.

No matter how anointed or gifted you are, it Is not your personal anointing that will benefit you.

Acts 3 vs. 26, 4 vs. 10, 13 vs. 30, 10 vs. 40

Romans 16 vs. 9, Galatians 1 vs. 1, Colossians 2 vs. 12

These scriptures give information about how Jesus was raised from the dead by His Father. Jesus did not raise Himself; God, His Father raised Him from the dead. Still on that, the anointing and power that Jesus had did not raise Him from the dead. His Father; God had to raise Him from the dead.

There was need for another iron to sharpen another iron. We need to appreciate other people in this life.

This is the reason why we have this question in our lives; why is it that the ungodly prosper?

Psalm 73 vs. 1-17

Malachi 3 vs. 13-15

Jeremiah 12 vs. 1-3

(Psalm 73) You might not be from the house of Israel but the promise is that God is going to be good to you so long you have a clean heart.

(vs. 3-4) The miracles that we see God performing for some of us here are because of prayer and dedication but there are some out there who have the same miracles happening to them without praying or groaning. Those people might not even be as godly as you are but they easily get the things that you struggle to get.

(vs.12) These people, without God, they multiply and have properties everywhere. They speak with pride and they insult God.

(vs. 16) The writer was pained by all these issue by this. If we don’t ask these questions, our children are going to ask us. If your children see you serving God faithfully and you’re not being rewarded for that, they would not want to serve that kind of a God.

But if you’re a blessed father and you serve God, your children would want also to serve such a God.

The prosperity of the righteous makes evangelism easy.

(vs. 17) It is painful when the righteous see the ungodly prosper. But when we come to the house of God not to understand our situations but also their situations

(Malachi 3 vs. 14) When Life hits you so hard and you’re convinced that serving God doesn’t benefit anything, know that the devil has won the battle. Some would want to leave because there is a picture that they cannot see when they are outside of the presence of God.

(Jeremiah 12 vs. 1-5) When you read the Bible, understand what it is saying and what it is not saying. God did not say the wicked are prospering; the words we read are the words that were said by the righteous on what they observed.

But why do they seem to prosper?

Jeremiah is asking God but the answer to the question is his question. Let’s analyse his question.

(vs. 1) “…the way of the wicked…” The reason why they prosper is because they have established a way of making money. Jeremiah has confirmed that the wicked have a way of making money but the children of God don’t have a way; believers don’t have a strategy.

(vs. 1) “…wherefore are all they happy…” They are happier than believers. They maintain a certain attitude that that keeps them motivated and they celebrate carefree whereas believers never consider their own happiness.

(vs. 2) “…thou hast planted them…” They are planted in whatever they believe and do. They are established and rooted in one place and that it why they are prospering. Unlike believers, they don’t backslide; if they deny the knowledge of God, they remain like that.

(vs. 2) “…they bring forth fruit…” There is no way that one could be established and rooted and not prosper. God is saying here that prosperity doesn’t start right away; you have to be established in one place.

The things we have left unto God for Him to do for us, those are the things that the heathen have taken upon themselves to do. The prayers that the righteous do call God to rise and work for them but the heathens have given themselves to fight.

Why do you sleep too much? Why do you allow the hours that you sleep to be more than your money? Whilst you are sleeping, the unrighteous are awake and planning on how they can take money from you when you wake up.

You need to make up your mind that you won’t sleep until something happens in your life!

If non-believers get happy and stay motivated, you need to be excited when you into the presence of God. You must not always wear a sad face because the time of your prosperity has come!