July 1, 2018

Whose Gift?

Whose Gift?

Luke 4 vs. 23, Proverbs 27 vs. 17

There is a question that most Christians have but because of their fear of God, they are scared to ask.

The question is; this anointing that I have, does it really work for me? Do I have the anointing of God upon my life? Is the God in me working for me?

If you ask me if I have ever thought of giving up, I will tell you I did, quite a number of times. Now, can I ask you, have you ever thought of backsliding?

All this is the product of pressure that mounts up when you go through difficult situations.

(Proverbs 27 vs. 17) Iron sharpens iron. There is an iron out there which, by sharpening other irons, it got blunt. That iron has the anointing to sharpen other irons but its life is not sharp, it is very blunt.

That might be you. When you look at the people around you, they have become better than you because of what you have done for them. And you might end up asking yourself, am I really gifted?

Whose gift is it? It is not your gift but theirs.

When God gives you a gift, it is not given to you to work for you and when you were created, there was emptiness inside you and God placed His gift in you.

When God sees a lot of sick people, He knows that the sick need healing but the gift of healing is not given to the sick people; it is given to another person who might not need healing but for the sake of the sick.

Whose gift? When you have a gift, don’t brag about it; it is not yours!

I made a research and found out that most men and women who were used by God had certain conditions or diseases but they would work out some amazing miracles. Comparing the two, the things of the Spirit didn’t make sense.

Where is this gift coming from?

That is the same reason why when people look at you, they can’t even ask for advice because of your state. You might end up asking, where is God in all this?

When you one is in the midst of fire, they try to find God in the fire but sometimes the fire becomes so terrible that they can’t even concentrate on the presence of God.

(Proverbs 27 vs. 17) Let’s learn to appreciate others. The people close to you are part of your success and if God is going to bless you, He is going to use someone.

(Luke 22 vs. 40-43) Jesus asked His disciples to pray against any temptation but He moved a few meters away and prayed that if it was His will, the cup (the Cross) would pass. He is the same Jesus who walked on water, raised Lazarus from the dead but when He was facing the Cross, the anointing in Him needed strengthening.  An angel had to be sent to strengthen Him.

There are things that you will never achieve in life until you someone is send by God to strengthen you. If you look at the achievements you want to achieve, for you to do that you need to have people coming along the way to strengthen you.

(Proverbs 27 vs. 17)The beauty of your face is never your work; you need a friend to strengthen you.

(Luke 4 vs.23)This proverb goes way deeper. It refers to the prophet inside Jesus’ body. The Prophet inside (the Spirit) can be rejected by its own country (the flesh/body). An anointing cannot make its own flesh to prosper.

(2 Kings 13 vs. 14) Elisha had the anointing to cure lepers (Naaman) and heal other people but he fell sick because the prophet inside him could not heal his immediate flesh. In Luke, Jesus was talking about you being anointed but your own body refuses to accept the anointing but other foreign people benefit from that anointing.

In our era, people are finding it hard to believe in other people. We are trying to make money but whose anointing are we using? The reason why you are still broke is because you are trying to use your own grace.

You need another iron to sharpen you. I use my father’s anointing, you use my anointing and someone uses your anointing.

Receiving a prophet is not attending his services but you get to a point where you personalise his teachings and sermons. Which means the word of you man of God becomes your standard.

Don’t stop helping people because something wrong is happening to you. Your gift is not your gift.

There are people that you need to identify who will sharpen you for the impossible. You need friends that will push you to do greater things.

God is making you sharper than ever before. You need to identify people who are gifted because their gifts are not theirs.

You might be rejected by your own people but don’t reject yourself. Don’t reject the prophet called You! Someone will come your way, sent by God, to give you strength!