November 25, 2018

You Are Anointed (The Gift of Healing)

You Are Anointed (The Gift of Healing)

The healing of the sick is a gift. This gift is given to two different people; it is given to the one who heals as a gift of healing and then it is given to the sick as healing.

When God calls you, He is about to increase and multiply you. He is a God of multiplication. If God is ever going to subtract anything, it is something that He never put there.

Many people have a tendency of listening to teachings and songs, read books on healing only when they are sick. But most of you don’t know how the healing power of God works. We need the healing power of God in us even before we fall sick. You need this power every minute of the day because in the house of God, health is more important than healing.

Jesus said something,

“…he hath anointed me…to heal the broken-hearted…” (Luke 4 vs. 18)

But if you study the ministry of Jesus, there was no miracle of the healing of the heart that was recorded and yet He says I was sent to heal the broken-hearted, which means there are miracles happening on a daily basis but we don’t see it.

I believe Jesus healed so many hearts but the people whose hearts were healed were not even aware.

There are sometimes that when the presence of God enters in a place, and you feel that God is here, it is that time when you would have been brought before the Lord.

There is a statement in the Bible which says,

“…where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty…” (2 Corinthians 3 vs. 17)

And yet we all know that the Spirit of the Lord is everywhere but liberty is not everywhere.

The actual translation of that statement is; where the Spirit is Lord, there is liberty. You can have the Spirit and treat Him like a slave. There are churches that have failed to treat the Spirit like the Lord.

When the Spirit is given permission; the Lordship, He then creates liberty; He begins to set captives free.

If you find yourself in the presence of God, know that you will be increased.

God gives healing to the sick but He gives the gift of healing to the one who is going to heal the sick. If God wants to give you the gift of healing He doesn’t do that so that you can be healed. He won’t give it to the sick directly but to you so that you could heal the sick. It comes from God as an anointing that sits on the spirit of the person who is given the gift of healing.

The power of God has a path, just like the same way electricity flows. God gives His healing power to the person who will heal the sick. The latter will then carry the same power and heal the sick.

When healing is transferred, there is a part of the anointing that remains in the body of the healed. This is why men of God who were once healed by God from a certain condition are able to heal people with the same condition.

I have seen in life that the impartation is a reality. When one person gets one thing from God and when he moves around, he is not only healing but distributing the gift of healing and we can get people healing other sick people from that.

When you get into the presence of the Lord, learn to get something from Him.

If the anointing that heals a person is treated well, it can become a gift. In that area which you are struggling, you can be a deliverer as soon as God finishes with you.

This issue of falling sick every time, it is not normal.

There will come a day in your life where you will wish for the gifted. There are people that I touch and they are not even aware that there was an upcoming disease. Every food that you eat, there is a virus there but what kills the virus is the healing power of God resident in you!

After a person gets the gift of healing, what he needs is a sick person and the latter must appreciate what makes the former different.

(Acts 9) Saul, after his encounter with God was left blind. The same God that opened other people’s eyes made Saul blind. When Saul was blind, he was advised that someone was going to come and lay his hands on him and his eyes were going to be healed.

God left him blind but the man of God came to him and said the God that appeared to you also appeared to me. The same God that left Saul blind was now coming through the man of God.

Don’t underestimate how God uses other people.

When you walk around, you must be aware of what you carry. It is not a sign that you are proud but it is because you are informed.

As a child of God, know what you carry!

Walk around, move around knowing that God has gifted you. You must be able to describe your job. Every demon in your family must know that you are anointed.

God is an expert in hiding His treasure. There are people who are gifted by God but they seem incapacitated in some areas so that when you appear before them, you will be deceived and look down upon them.

There is a reason why God wants you to be healed from that condition. The anointing will not leave your Spirit; it will stay so that you can use it on others who are in that same condition.

God saves us to save others.

Most of my sons and daughters don’t know how to receive things Spirit from me.

It is the Lord who gives you the power to make wealth. When the hand of the Lord is stretched towards you and the man of God touches you, there is an immediate transfer of the Divine.

If you study your Bible, you will find that Abraham gave every member of his household gifts but to Isaac he gave him the blessing.

When you approach a man of God, you must know that he is aware of what he has and what he doesn’t have. He must be able to say to you, Silver and gold have I none but healing.

As a man of God, you must have a list of what you can do and what you cannot do. If a congregant approaches the man of God, they must know what they need from the man of God.

If a person who is spiritual comes before you, why would you ask for money from that person, something that you get from any other person?

What God has put into me is for somebody else but that someone must be ready to receive.

When the hand of God touches you, the hand of God remains on you.

You are anointed!