August 16, 2020

ZAPHNAATHPANEAH: National Solutions 2

ZAPHNAATHPANEAH: National Solutions 2

It is very important that you get someone who is adequately equipped by the Most High God to coach you and bring you to a place of understanding where you can begin to have supernatural experiences from a clearer perspective.

If you happen to have such a person in your life; proof that person is qualified to mentor you spiritually is his ability to awaken you and help you to become conscious, even if you are in a state of unconsciousness.

God made available a very sophisticated technology in His Kingdom because He never wanted you to be a stranger or a novice in the future. God never wanted you to find yourself in a place that you have never been to before. He wants you to be part of the future that you have once visited.
The dream world is that technology. Your mentor must give you that understanding so that whilst you are dreaming, you maintain a certain level of consciousness; knowing what will be happening even during a dream.

If Solomon had not received that consciousness from his father, he would have asked for a palace or more horses or for a bigger army. But he asked for understanding; something that he did not regret asking forwhen he returned to the physcial conscious state.
There has to be a maintenance of consciousness and there has to be that unity between your flesh and your spirit where your physical state agrees with everything that you do in your spiritual state.

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