Remembering The Less Privileged Mothers – AFC Mothers Day Donations


Putting into words the value of mothers is beyond anyone; however the fruit of the labor of motherhood says it all. Oftentimes the immense value of motherhood is often understated and seems underappreciated especially during such difficult times.

In celebration of Mother’s Day 2021 Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa assigned the Agape Family Care Livelihoods Team to select a few mothers randomly. These mothers would be rural based women who are not even part of the Agape Family Care beneficiaries list and not even aware of the work and activities of Agape Family Care or UFIC. This was to be a surprise visitation and donation to these unexpecting and vulnerable mothers.

The random selection also targeted Ambuya Alice Mugabe aged 65 of Materera Village in Chihota and Ambuya Salomi Chivando aged 66 of Chombo Village in Mahusekwa. The surprise donation included Mealie meal, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Flour, Rice, Juice, Sugar beans, Laundry soap, Bath soap, Salt, Tea bags, Tooth paste, 90L laundry dish, 20 L bucket, 2 in 1 blanket and Tennis shoes for each Mother.

These donations resulted in an emotional scene as the Mothers broke down in tears; their needs had been met at their point of need unexpectedly. To them Agape Family Care and Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa had been sent to them on a divine assignment as their prayers had been answered as no one had ever done such a kind and noble deed for them. In the words of Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa these Mothers had been given every reason to shed tears of gratitude and smile all at once making the mission of love worthwhile.

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