Agape Family Care Donation in Domboshava


Direct food aid is very much needed for very vulnerable communities affected by a series of tragedies overwhelming them and their ability to be productive and self-sustaining.

This is the case of Domboshava; a peri-urban communal area situated 20km northeast of Harare which was not spared from the scourge of COVID 19 which became a health and human crisis threatening the food security and nutrition of the community putting both lives and livelihoods at risk. The Coronavirus pandemic caused so much hunger and misery to the rural poor with the elderly mostly affected. Being elderly; they have less strength in order to survive and less opportunity to seek economic activities leaving them more dependent on the younger members of the family for food and survival.

The request for assistance on behalf of members of the targeted beneficiaries was made by Mrs. Cathy Mhlanga the Founder of Vision of Hope a Local Faith Based Organisation located in Domboshava.

The needs assessment showed the escalation of the vulnerability of the elderly as well as that of women that were victims of Gender Based Violence. To cover this need; Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa assigned the Livelihood Programs Team to Domboshava for a Food and Clothing Donation. The Relief Package which would be donated to all targeted household heads consisted of Mealie Meal, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Rice, Sugar Beans, Flour, Salt, Laundry Soap and a 50kg Bag of Clothing Items.

(AFC Representative presenting a hamper to one of the beneficiaries)

According to Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa – “In a time such as this it is critical that our elderly citizens stay at home with adequate food and cleaning supplies, safe and with their dignity.”

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