A TIME OF CELEBRATION – Passover Conference 2022 Begins On A High Note

Jubilation, celebration, song, dance and tears of joy – these were the highlight of the first day of the Passover Conference 2022 at the UFIC Chitungwiza Basilica.

The joy and excitement that came from the tens of thousands of people who filled the Basilica and the overflow tents, made the atmosphere so ecstatic and charged up. Every single person was in celebratory mood, for they all had the chance of meeting and fellowshipping with fellow brethren, in the House of God once again.

The whole atmosphere became electric when Emmanuel and Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa walked into the main auditorium.

“Honestly, it is like a dream – I am overjoyed!” said Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa as she addressed the congregation, “All I can say is that the Lord is good to us, and He has been good to us for the past two years.”

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic health restrictions and lockdowns, since early 2020 Emmanuel and Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa had resolved to only hosting online services due to the huge following that they have, and also the huge number of attendance to UFIC services. And for the first time, after two years, this Passover Conference will be the first public physical gathering that they have hosted.

It was more than just a service, it was the materialization of the hope of thousands of Christian believers who were longing to fellowship and enjoy the presence of God. It was the fulfilment of prophecy given by Emmanuel Makandiwa, when the COVID 19 pandemic had just started, that COVID 19 was going to join the queue of other diseases and the children of God will be able to gather and worship together again.

“The devil never thought that we will be back here, but we are back again.” Emmanuel Makandiwa said.

 “I know we are going to have a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord… we are going to be swimming in the presence of God.”

And it is not by coincidence that this momentous gathering is taking place at the same time when Christians worldwide are commemorating the death and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a token of a new birth; a new chapter that the United Family International Church has experienced.

“We are in a very sensitive time of the year; we are celebrating what Jesus did for all of us.” Emmanuel Makandiwa said as he explained the importance of The Cross.

“We are here, alive because He paid the price and we are here to celebrate Him.” He added

Just before asking the congregation to read John 3 vs. 16, he said “Despite our sins, we all meet at His Blood.” and he went on to briefly explain on how God is quick to forgive us of sins and that the Blood of Jesus cleanses us all.

Led by the UFIC Choir, the congregation had a moment of ecstatic celebration through song and dance. Both young and old celebrated, shouted and danced in the presence of God which culminated in an environment super-charged by the power of God for the miraculous.

Emmanuel Makandiwa also took time to pray for the sick and the atmosphere for miracles was instantly activated. People with various ailments; bone fractures, chronic ailments and incurable diseases were touched by the healing power of God and they received their miracles. Some who had to be carried into the auditorium because they could not walk on their own, stood up once they were ministered to by Emmanuel Makandiwa and they were able to do the things that they could not do before, without any pain.

“There is no situation that can escape the presence of God.” Emmanuel Makandiwa declared.

“There is no power, whatsoever, above the Power of Jesus.”