#AnniversaryCelebrations – A True Model Of a God-Ordained Union

A Union that was ordained and predestinated by God to be a perfect model and example to thousands of people – Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa are a true model of a God-ordained marriage. They are very passionate about seeing God’s children enjoying their marriages in the light and glory of God. And that passion is evidently seen through their teaching ministry.

Over the years, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa have delivered profound teachings on marriage. Through the Couples’ Sessions and conferences that they have hosted, their practical approach in their teaching ministry, particularly on this burning subject, has seen thousands of broken marriages being remolded. They have re-ignited relationships that were almost burning out, brought back together spouses that were distant from each other and turned homes that were warzones into some of the most peaceful and loving families.

Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa have worked towards mending and healing relationships and molding them according to God’s true definition. Sharing some of their own personal experiences, they have proven that not only is marriage a God-ordained institution but also if it is handled and maintained well through faithfulness, honesty, trust, affection and communication, God will add more blessings to that marriage.

They have not only taught on marriage to those who are in marriage but also to those who are yet to get into marriage. During youth services and conferences, they have taught young people on how to find the right partner, the true meaning of marriage and the dangers of getting married to the wrong person. They have always challenged young people not to be deceived by false teachings from the world but to remain pure and keep themselves for their future partners and most importantly, to work on their characters so that they can become the best husbands/wives.

Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa have always taken a strong stand against gender-based violence and abuse in marriages. Through scripture and practical lessons, they have proven beyond any reason of doubt that it is wrong, both in the eyes of man and in the eyes of God, for a couple to fight and also the effects that it will have on the family as a whole, including the children. They have also condemned every form of abuse in marriages, including emotional abuse. Being strong believers of true love, their message has always been for couples not to allow the devil to destroy their families but they must love and be affectionate to each other.

Walking the talk; they do not just teach on what a good marriage is but they also practice what they teach. Their union has been a lighthouse that has given direction and focus to so many other marriages that were lost and at the verge of sinking. We join them in celebrating their anniversary milestone.