#CelebratingOurMother Ruth Makandiwa

September always comes with a season of celebration, joy and gratitude to God for a great and precious gift that He gave to the UFIC Family – our Beloved Mother; Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa.

The level of impact that Ruth Makandiwa has brought into the lives of tens of thousands of people all over Zimbabwe through the Agape Family Care goes beyond just ordinary charity or giving – she is a ray of Hope and God’s own ambassador for change and transformation through works of pure love.

A Mother unto Nations; Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa has transformed lives with the abounding streams of Love, inspired by God, that flow through her hands. She cares for thousands of people unconditionally, she extends the Love of God without any discrimination.

A Teacher; Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa’s character exudes with the Grace of God. Through her ministry, Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa has redefined destinies and birthed a new generation of women who are after God’s own heart. A Source of Inspiration; Her life has become an inspiration and a true model of a God-fearing, strong, courageous, and virtuous woman. Not only does she teach but also put to practice the Word Of God. Her character reflects Jesus Christ; full of love and compassion.

Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa is a fountain of Wisdom that is very profound.

Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa is one rare sight of undeniable proof that real love still exist in this world.

We are grateful to God for her Life! Happy Birthday Our Beloved Mother; Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa