CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) PROPHECY: Emmanuel Makandiwa Calls For The Church To Pray

Emmanuel Makandiwa delivered a detailed prophecy concerning the Coronavirus COVID-19 plague, urging the body of Christ to pray.

In the first part of the prophecy, which he gave on the 20th of November 2016, Emmanuel Makandiwa gave accurate details concerning the Coronavirus COVID-19, saying that it was going to be “…more deadly than cancer and HIV/AIDS…” its source and how it was going to greatly affect multitudes of people as it was going to be “…very aggressive…”. 2 months and 18 days after this, he also reiterated on this prophecy, saying that this disease “…will kill more people than any disease…”

Again in the year 2017, he shed more light on the prophecy, giving finer details and urging the audience that was present on the day to continue praying against this deadly plague. 2 years, 10 months and 24 days from that date, the prophecy was fulfilled, exactly as Emmanuel Makandiwa had prophesied.

After citing some of the devastating effects that have been made by this global plague, he further on implored the Church to pray during a UFIC Sunday Service which was held on the 1st of March 2020 at the UFIC Basilica in Chitungwiza.

“I believe that it is the responsibility of the Church. There is something that can be done about this.” He said.
“I will ask you to pray because we need to pray against it…allow God to intervene in any of the solutions…it is only God who can stop this.”

According some leading news agencies, Coronavirus has infected over 88 000 people from the time of the first outbreak that was recorded in China in December 2019. The outbreak started in mainland China and the virus has also spread to other countries and continents outside of Asia ( and the World Health Organization declared it a Global Health Emergency.

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