Instant Miracles During Healing Session With Emmanuel Makandiwa

God Almighty, through the hands of His servant; Emmanuel Makandiwa, transformed lives in an amazing manner on the 15th of August 2019 during the Healing Session at the UFIC Basilica in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.

The ministry of Emmanuel Makandiwa continuously brings to light the undeniable truth that not only does God desire for His people to be in good health but also His Power is able to work wonders on Earth.

Over 3000 people attended the Healing Session with various cases, diseases and conditions; cancer, hypertension, chronic diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, pregnancy complications, fractures, chest and respiratory conditions and so many more saddening conditions.  Some people had to be carried into the auditorium on sickbeds. Some wheeled in on wheelchairs as they were weakened by ailments that were tormenting their lives.

As the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa walked into the auditorium, the healing power of Jesus was activated in the place. Without any physical contact between the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa and the people, the power of God touched certain individuals to the extent that they could not remain in one place; some started screaming, some started running and some rolling on the floor.

“It is not me touching all these people,” the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa said as he was ministering to the sick, “Jesus is invisible to the physical eyes but He is here and He is touching lives!”

As he explained on how the healing power of Jesus Christ, the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa said, “Some of you; your understanding is limited; you thing that you have only one problem but Jesus will remove every other problem that you have!”

One by one, the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa ministered to people who were on the prayer line and delivered the people of God from the demonic bondage and sickness. And as they were touched by the power of God through the hands of the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa, their heal and wellness was restored instantly in an amazing way!

“I want you to understand that once Jesus touches you, let Him immediately become your God.”

“Keep on thanking Jesus. Keep on repeating that Jesus I love you. You may have committed a lot of sins but Jesus will forgive you today. Forget everything else but don’t forget to thank Jesus because He is the one who is healing people.” The man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa said as he was ministering.

One case was that of a lady who was eight months pregnant. She experienced some challenges with her pregnancy and as a result, she had body pains all over her body. As soon as the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa prayed for her, all the pain disappeared and she was healed completely.

Another case of instant healing was that of a man who had gastritis for over a two years. This condition caused him a lot of discomfort and pain but as soon as she was touched by the power of God through Emmanuel Makandiwa’s ministration, all the pain and discomfort disappeared.

Jesus restored the lives of His people on this day and the manner in which it happened is far much beyond human comprehension.

There was a 24 year-old young man who was diagnosed of tuberculosis and there was fluid in his left lung. Due to this, he experienced shortness of breath and excruciating pain in his chest. He had X-rays with him that showed that his left lung was damaged and there was some fluid in his lungs. As the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa ministered to him, the pain disappeared and his breathing was restored back to normal. The healing power of Jesus touched his health and he was set free.

In another case, there was a pregnant lady who had hypertension, which was serious case, considering her condition. She checked her blood pressure before prayer and it was 179/91, which is a very high reading. After the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa ministered to her, she checked her blood pressure again and shockingly, it had gone down to 110/68 in a very short space of time.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa also ministered to some people who were bedridden and some who were on wheelchairs. They were all touched by the healing power of God and their lives were transformed. Soon after being prayed for by the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa, they stood up from their sick beds.

In another case was young lady aged 26 who had come all the way from Mutare with serious burns on her body. 30 percent of her skin surface was burnt and she was in serious pain. She was not able to move her legs, let alone walk because of the pain.

The man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa ministered to her and as he was ministering to her, she was able to move her feet and after the man of God had prayed for her, she stood up and began to walk – something that was nearly impossible due to her condition.