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#CelebratingLovePersonified Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa – A Mother Unto Nations

Her life is a great testimony of God’s love; a heart so pure and compassionate towards people.

Ruth Makandiwa’s Social Support For People Living With Albinism

Through the “Together in the Same World Campaign”, Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa aims to bring about increased awareness of albinism across nations.

Agape Family Care Donation in Domboshava

Direct food aid is very much needed for very vulnerable communities affected by a series of tragedies overwhelming them and their ability to be productive and self-sustaining. This is the case of Domboshava; a peri-urban communal area situated 20km northeast of Harare...

Ruth Makandiwa Donates to Children’s Home in Marange

Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa heeded to the call for a helping hand by the institution and sent a donation to help with the upkeep of the children who are being taken care of at the institution.

Remembering The Less Privileged Mothers – AFC Mothers Day Donations

In celebration of Mother’s Day 2021 Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa donated to mothers who are based in the rural areas.

Ruth Makandiwa Donates In Hurungwe

Inspired by the love of God, AFC distributed food hampers to a targeted number of 200 households with an average of 5 family members per household.

Ruth Makandiwa Builds New Home For An Elderly Widow

The true essence of Christianity is brought to life through selfless acts of compassion that are inspired by the Love of God towards those who are in need. And Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa has, over the years, made this her mission; mainly to those who are less privileged...

Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa Donate Boreholes To Chitungwiza Community

Over 60 percent of the human body is made up of water, and that being said, this precious resource is of paramount importance to the wellbeing of communities. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world to its core and as regulated and recommended by the Ministry of...

Ruth Makandiwa Celebrates Birthday With 120 Less Privileged Families

For many, the word ‘Birthday’ means receiving gifts and presents from their loved ones but for Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa,  it is a day that she set aside to put a smile on the faces of less privileged people. Being a woman who looks at all people through the eyes and...

#CelebratingOurMother Ruth Makandiwa

September always comes with a season of celebration, joy and gratitude to God for a great and precious gift that He gave to the UFIC Family - our Beloved Mother; Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa. The level of impact that Ruth Makandiwa has brought into the lives of tens of...
“Ruth Makandiwa Transformed My Life” – Gogo Nyuchi’s Story

“Ruth Makandiwa Transformed My Life” – Gogo Nyuchi’s Story

Hardships come into people’s lives in different forms and different ways. Some face hardships in achieving just one goal but in the case of this elderly widow, surviving for a day became a hardship that she had to endure for the sake of her children – from having...

#WomensMonth Ruth Makandiwa Advocates For Women Empowerment

#WomensMonth Ruth Makandiwa Advocates For Women Empowerment

Ruth Makandiwa, through the Agape Family Care hosted a two-day Skills Training Program from the 28th to the 29th of March 2019 at the Kingston House in Harare CBD with the tagline “Empowering Women’s Creative Skills For Sustainable Livelihoods” as part of the Women’s...

Transformed by Love – Agape Beneficiary Testimonial

Transformed by Love – Agape Beneficiary Testimonial

The natural design of an African family gives most, if not all the responsibility to the husband or the father who is regarded as the head of the family and he has to provide for and feed the family. But in most unfortunate cases; when the breadwinner passes on, the...

Ruth Makandiwa Donates to Child Line #GirlChildSheCan

Ruth Makandiwa Donates to Child Line #GirlChildSheCan

In today’s world, many children are vulnerable to different kinds of abuse and due to their age; the victims, which in most cases are girls, are always in desperate need of a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear to help them. As part of her campaign...