Overcoming Crisis

The crisis that you overcome is the one that you have managed well. You overcome crises by managing them.

That is what secures your victory. When you see a crisis coming, it is coming to manage you and if you allow it to manage you, you will become subject to it.

But you must take it upon yourself and say that whenever a crisis comes my way, it is coming to be managed, not to manage me.

The way you manage a crisis determines the size of the victory that you will attain.

As Christians, we are good at praying but we have made Christianity a religion and seeking God’s face, a problem. We have made it seem so hard to a point that when one seeks for the face of God and they find it, they will not believe that they have found it already.

That is what religion does. We have made seeking God’s face, a crisis because there is an assumption that God doesn’t take pleasure in being found Why would God advise us to seek Him, if He cannot be found? Do you think He enjoys being sought after and He keeps on hiding? No! Even when you are ay the point of death, when you think that you are so far away from God and you cannot find your way back to Him, He will take it upon Himself to find you. God enjoys being found by His people!

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