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(PART 3) "Ruth Makandiwa Transformed My Life" Gogo Nyuchi's Story

There is nothing as refreshing as a rain after a very long dry season. The joy that comes with a new season causes renaissance of hope and peace. And that is exactly what happened in the life of Gogo Nyuchi on the 13th of March 2019.

After the Agape Family Care Team visited Gogo Nyuchi at her home in Chingwere village, Mhondoro and saw the dire situation that Gogo Nyuchi was in, Ruth Makandiwa took it upon herself to transform the living conditions of Gogo Nyuchi and her family.

Over and above the monthly groceries, school fees, clothes and blankets that Ruth Makandiwa had been providing for Gogo Nyuchi and her family since 2012, Ruth Makandiwa took it upon herself to bring comfort and peace in the life of Gogo Nyuchi and her family and address their biggest challenge.

In late 2018, Ruth Makandiwa, through the Agape Family Care sent a construction team to Gogo Nyuchi’s home in Mhondoro to construct a 3-bedroomed house for Gogo Nyuchi. The construction of the house was completed in February 2019. Ruth Makandiwa also took a further step and fully furnished the new house for Gogo Nyuchi. Ruth Makandiwa bought new beds, new blankets and bed linen, curtains, a 4-piece lounge suite, a 2-piece kitchen unit, plates, cups, pots and a huge grocery for Gogo Nyuchi and her family.

When the day finally came for the official hand-over, Gogo Nyuchi could not hold back her tears of joy.

Today, Gogo Nyuchi is a proud owner of a fully-furnished 3-bedroomed house.

Gogo Nyuchi no longer has to worry about bad weather; even if a heavy rain descends on their home, she will sleep comfortably because she now has properly-built home that can protect her and her family from bad weather.

“I am thankful to God for what Ruth Makandiwa has done for me. I used to sleep on the floor covering my body with rags but now I have a home, I have furniture. To me, this is a miracle.” Gogo Nyuchi expressed her gratitude on the day of the official hand-over.

Unconditionally, Ruth Makandiwa transformed Gogo Nyuchi’s life in an amazing way. Out of pure love, she gave Gogo Nyuchi and her family a home to call their own. Now Gogo Nyuchi is a proud owner of a house through Ruth Makandiwa’s God-inspired works of Love

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