Ruth Makandiwa Builds New Home For An Elderly Widow

The true essence of Christianity is brought to life through selfless acts of compassion that are inspired by the Love of God towards those who are in need. And Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa has, over the years, made this her mission; mainly to those who are less privileged and marginalized.

It is her passion to see tears being wiped away, pain and sorrow being turned into joy and hope for a brighter future.

Recently, she shared the love of God with an elderly woman by the name of Mrs Beaulah Chikava; a 73-year old widow who was going through a very difficult time due to the state of her living conditions.

After the passing on of her husband, Gogo Chikava managed to construct a two-roomed shelter for her and her family. Due to the limited funds and with no one to help her through, she could not afford to have proper flooring in the house plastering of the walls and windows. The roof also was not properly placed.

The house did not have electricity, the compound was not properly secured and there was no running water. The lack of running water at her house also made it difficult for her and her family to have proper and safe ablution facilities, which always left them at a huge health risk.

Being a widow and an elderly woman, there was nothing she could do for herself to improve her living conditions; which ended up affecting her health. Due to the continuous exposure to such, Gogo Chikava developed chronic asthma.

During the household visits by the Agape Family Care Team, they got to see the sad living conditions that Gogo Chikava had to endure every single day at the place where she was staying in Budiriro 1, Harare South.

Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa noticed her plight and she was moved by the Love of God to swiftly bring a transformation into the life of this beloved elderly woman.

Through AFC’s Livelihoods Program, she facilitated for the extension of Gogo Chikava’s house by constructing more rooms. The renovations also included an indoor bathroom and toilet, plastering of walls, flooring and tiling of floors, adding of water pipes and kitchen sink for running water. A backup water tank was also set up at her household and for security purposes; a durawall was constructed with a lockable sliding gate. Having used a small outdoor block brick shed as a kitchen owing to the unavailability of electricity; Gogo Chikava also had electricity connected to her house.

(LEFT) Gogo Chikava’s house before renovation
(RIGHT) Gogo Chikava’s new and renovated house

Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa did not just end at extending and renovating the house; she also facilitated for the fully furnishing of the whole house with new furniture which included and new lounge set of sofas, beds and a bulky grocery hamper for Gogo and her family.

The official hand-over ceremony was held on the 18th of June 2020 and it was officiated by the Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities – Honorable Daniel Garwe.

The Life of Gogo Chikava will never remain the same, owing to the abounding and unconditional love of God that flows through the hands of Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa.