Ruth Makandiwa Celebrates Birthday With 120 Less Privileged Families

For many, the word ‘Birthday’ means receiving gifts and presents from their loved ones but for Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa,  it is a day that she set aside to put a smile on the faces of less privileged people.

Being a woman who looks at all people through the eyes and with the Love of God, Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa does not discriminate, which is the reason why she strongly believes that every human being deserves to be loved, despite their background.

Every year, Ruth-Emmanuel Makandiwa celebrates her birthday with less privileged people from different backgrounds and different parts of Zimbabwe. And this year, on her birthday; the 4th of September 2019, Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa celebrated her birthday with 120 less privileged people which included elderly women, orphans, widows and people with physical and hearing impairments.

Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa gave this special group of people another reason to smile and be happy by giving out 120 grocery hampers to each and every one of them. Each hamper comprised 2 x 2 kilograms of sugar, 2 kilograms of rice, 2 kilograms of flour, 2 litres of cooking oil, 1 kilogram of powdered milk, 1 bar of washing soap, bathing soaps, sugar beans and salt.

This act alone is enough evidence which shows that Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa’s Life is a fountain of hope that inspires other people’s lives. The level of joy and excitement that this special group of people expressed through dance, big smiles, laughter and joy was nothing short of heart-warming.

Considering the current economic situation in the country of Zimbabwe, this gesture of unconditional Love made by Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa goes beyond just an ordinary gift. Her love overshadowed and comforted these 120 families in a difficult time. And because of this, they have a reason to smile and feel loved even in the most dry of seasons.

Like a fountain that never runs dry, the love of God flows through the hands of Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa. And it has, and is still, flooding the lives of those who have tasted the bitter side of life; making them feel loved and comforted.