October 8, 2018

Peacemaking – Storms

Peacemaking – Storms

Matthew 5 vs. 9, Mark 4 vs. 37-41

Storms will always rise and Jesus never said that we won’t have them after being born again. The disciples were with Jesus in the ship but the storm still came

You can have Jesus in your business or marriage and you’ll still have storms.

The world is being dragged in every every direction by the storms. Worldly systems are controlled by storms but there is a generation that controls storms.

(Mark 4 vs 40) Jesus said to his disciples you must exercise your faith on the storm. They were so afraid of the storm and Jesus asked them why, meaning that according to Him there was no reason for them to be afraid and yet it was during a storm.

There is something so profound about the grace of faith, the ability and the anointing called faith. Jesus wanted His disciples to do something about the storm.

(Luke 17 vs. 6) Jesus said if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you shall say unto a mountain “be ye removed and be cast into the sea” and it shall be so. He said “…with faith…” and not with secular education, He didn’t say not after your faith has grown to the size of the problem but with the small faith. He didn’t say you shall say unto God but unto the mountain.

With faith you’ll speak to the problem and not to God about the problem. It’s not about the will of God but your will regarding the problem.

It is an abuse of grace to fear things that even God is not even aware of. If the storm was big enough to frighten the people, Jesus would have acknowledged it. Why all this panic all of a sudden? Why are you being driven by storms? Don’t be controlled by money, control money!

God does not want anything external to control you because everything external has to be controlled by something internal.

Jesus rebuked the wind for the sake of the fearful. God now is in the business of addressing problems that aren’t His problems. We’re no longer His servants but He’s now our servant. Do you think you’re being humble by sending God to do what you are supposed to do? He wants us to make use of the available grace.

The kind of a God that we serve, you can’t even begin to explain Him. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God. When we speak, something comes out of us for from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. There was darkness till God opened His mouth and said “let there be light” and there was light. The devil likes it when you are quiet and especially when you are crying. Nothing happens when you’re crying but something happens when you’re talking.

We have peace that was given to us by God and there can be peace because we have given that peace to the world.

Imagine this scenario; everyone is crying in the boat and someone is sleeping…

Even when things are going sideways around you, the best thing is to control the things that are happening around you.

Jesus was not afraid of the storm because He knew He could control it. There is no problem that you are going through today that you cannot control.

You want to have peace as husband and wife? The peace that you will have must be your own creation. Peace is a child that you have to conceive and bring forth.

Control yourself.

Our God is called the Prince of Peace; He manages peace, He is in charge of peace.

Don’t allow the world to create peace and give it to you because Jesus is saying that my peace is different from that of the world. Jesus’ peace comes from within going outside.

You are the one that makes the world a good place. Peace is not something that you wait for; it has to be deliberate.

The Bible talks about peace that surpasses all understanding; it is beyond understanding, joy and peace that cannot be described.

We control the winds; we do not take orders from the storms! Child of God, learn to take control of your situation!

Conscientise yourself that you are bigger than money, you are bigger than your situations.

The winds never responded to the peace of Jesus in the boat but it obeyed to the instruction of Jesus. When your peace begins to speak, you need to transfer the peace that you carry outside.

Know that whatever you are going through it is not going to kill you!