May 13, 2018

Bloodline Curses: Parental Curses (Mothers’ Day Special)

Bloodline Curses: Parental Curses (Mothers’ Day Special)

It is a terrible thing when your parents are not happy with you. That might be one of the things that is fighting you today. If you don’t believe that then wait until your child treats you in bad way; that is when you will understand that in every parent there is an anointing to either bless or curse their child.

There are two people that you can never insult;

  1. Your biological parents
  2. Your spiritual parents

I am a man of God and I study the word of God very well to the extent that there are certain things that my biological mother doesn’t believe in but she still remains my mother and I respect her.

There are certain things that you might not understand about your mother but she still remains your mother.

Let me tell you this; you can change churches or use different types of anointing oil but nothing will change if you disrespect your mother. Don’t play with the people that God has ordained to bless you.

Don’t doubt if there is a curse in your blood if you have said something bad to your own mother and she cursed you. She might have not said anything but demons were released from hell to bring you down.

If you ever insulted your mother, it is by grace that you are still alive today. What gave you the right to do that to your own biological mother? You’re playing with fire. This needs to be corrected.

The curses that can be evoked by your mother are very destructive.

If you touch an anointed man of God or woman of God and/or your parents, even the devil himself will be afraid of you because of what you would have attracted with your actions.

Why should you be a terror to your own biological mother?

We are celebrating Mothers’ Day all over the world, but what have you done for your own biological mother on this special day?

If you have insulted your biological mother, there is a curse that entered into your blood because of that.

If you have done that, you have to go back and kneel down before your parents and ask for forgiveness. Even if she doesn’t forgive you, you would have done your own part. And when you come back to God, there is enough grace for you to come out of that situation.

Nowadays, people have lost respect for the elders. Everyone thinks, through social media, that they have the right to speak against the next person. If you take in poison, it doesn’t matter even if you argue. Time will tell. A curse is like poison that will be in your system.

Of all the people in the world, how can you be the no. 1 enemy of your own mother?

This needs to be corrected.