February 21, 2018



90% of your success is going to be based on whom you trust.

Psalm 20 vs.7

David is the one who wrote this and he had many horses and chariots but he goes on to say that I will remember the name of the Lord. The fact that he had horses and chariots, it means he has some level of trust in them but after getting victory from them, he is saying I will remember the name of the Lord.

It’s not good to trust in your horses and chariots only (which might be your education); you have to remember the name of the Lord your God because safety and victory come from God!

Trusting the wrong person is as deadly as not trusting the right person. Some of you no longer trust anyone because you trusted people that you were not supposed to trust. But get this, whether you like it or not, you will have to trust someone at some point in your life.

Trust comes in compartments. Even the person you trust, you only trust them in one area and not everything. Some of you have people that you trust but they are not trustworthy. You have your friend that you trust but the question is, with what?

Can God trust you, and with what exactly?

When it comes to relationships, it is very difficult to discern who exactly is supposed to be in your life. This kind of discernment usually comes after you have already made the wrong decision.  You’ll have to trust someone first to know that they are not trustworthy.

So who am I supposed to trust?

Your no. 1 friend should be the Holy Spirit; let Him approve your relationships.

Some of you are recovering from relationships that were not supposed to have existed in the first place. You have to allow the Holy Spirit to assess certain characters before you trust them. There are certain people you trusted and they betrayed you because you ignored the signs that God gave you.

Always remember that someone you trust will trust someone you wouldn’t. So when it comes to sensitive and confidential details concerning your life, be careful.

Restoration of trust is different from forgiveness. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you trust them again. People who are trustworthy are very hard to come by. Can you even trust yourself?

If your friends are true friends from God, why do you still feel so lonely, even after opening up, you feel more exposed. You must keep on researching for the right people that you can trust.

Most of the relationship that are dead which you are trying to revive; it is God who is trying to kill them. Certain relationships are too costly, not necessary. Not every relationship is worth keeping. Do not die in the name of a relationship.

Most of the things that are wrong in your life right now can be traced back to a wrong relationship. Don’t underestimate the presence of a person who has caused you pain.

If you don’t trust them, don’t trust their word, their opinion, their contribution towards your life.

Don’t be troubled if friends leave you because if 5 people leave, it means 5 problems are gone. Those who left you ceased to be your problem; the ones that are still with you are the problem. When you are a David, it is very easy for you to deal with any Goliath but when your son Absalom rises against you, that is a different story.

The Holy Spirit is the best friend you can ever have because He will always be with you.