“The Body Of Christ Must Pray” – Special Passover Conference 2020 Message by Emmanuel Makandiwa

In a special Passover Conference message by Emmanuel Makandiwa that was released today; the 10th of April 2020, he encouraged the Body of Christ to rise in prayer concerning the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am encouraging the Body of Christ; let us begin to pray,” he said, “Not just for ourselves; if you are in Africa, let us also pray for the Body of Christ and for brothers and sister everywhere around the globe for preservation of lives.”

In the message, Emmanuel Makandiwa gave more detail concerning the revelation that he shared concerning the Coronavirus Prophecy, the COVID-19 vaccination, the 5G network and the Mark of the Beast.

“But as of now, let us pray against the actual virus so that we don’t have an outbreak soon after the vaccinations of the people.”

“It is not yet time for the Anti-Christ to take over.”

“Our God is in control and He is in charge because He has given us the Power to do so.”

Follow link to watch the full message; https://www.facebook.com/307901225918568/posts/3726981547343835/