“We Are Here Because We Love You” – Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa Officially Open Two Branches in Bulawayo

Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa made an official visit to Bulawayo to preside over two major events as the Guests of Honour, that took place on the 27th of August 2022 in the city of Bulawayo.

Being the Founders and Presiding leaders of the United Family International Church, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa’s visit to the Bulawayo region was a huge event that saw thousands of people in Bulawayo fellowshipping together with the servants of God in the presence of God.

The two events that they officiated was the opening of the UFIC Donnington-Nketa Church building with Pastor Prior and Belinda Mupanduki as the resident pastors and the UFIC Bulawayo City Church building with Pastor Tinashe and Nyaradzo Zuva as the resident pastors.

UFIC Bulawayo was launched in March 2011 by Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa at the ZITF Hall in Bulawayo and since that time, there had been exponential growth in the city, with several other branches being opened in the region, that is Donnington-Nketa, Bulawayo City, Beitbridge, Victoria Falls/Hwange, Gwanda, Plumtree, Inyathi, Cowrdry Park, Entumbane and Pumula. The five branches that fall in the Bulawayo Metropolitan area are Bulawayo City, Donnington-Nketa, Cowdry Park, Entumbane and Pumula.

UFIC Donnington-Nketa

The first day started in Donnington West industrial area where Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa officiated the opening ceremony for the UFIC Donnington-Nketa.

“We want to create an environment in this place that will help people’s prayers to be answered.” Emmanuel Makandiwa said as he was speaking to the congregation at UFIC Donnington-Nketa official opening.

He added that people’s lives where going to be transformed from that place and the people who will find themselves in that church building had to always be aware of the presence of God as they pray.

“When you find yourself in a place that dedicated to the Lord, your life will change.”

“You will not remain the same!”

Making prophetic declarations over the new place and the congregants, Emmanuel Makandiwa said to the congregants that God was going to focus His eyes over the new church venue, which had now become a special place because God had put His special name on that place.

 “God who is everywhere, and we would want such a God to find a place in such a residence”

“We are asking you (God) to occupy this building.” He said, as he prayed.

UFIC Bulawayo City

After the official opening of Donnington-Nketa branch, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa headed over to Paddonhurst for the official opening of the UFIC Bulawayo City branch, where they were received with a loud roar of celebration by the congregants who had gathered to witness the official opening ceremony.

 “I would like to thank Pastor Zuva and his wife” Emmanuel Makandiwa said in his opening remarks at the UFIC Bulawayo City Branch official opening, “The victory that you have brought to us is not personal but a corporate victory” he added.

Emmanuel Makandiwa appreciated the people who joined and contributed towards the acquisition of the church building.

“I have been told of your level of dedication,” he said to the people “I have not only come to bless the people but to salute you.”

Addressing the crowds that had gathered to witness the official opening, the man of God assured the people that God was going to bless them for what they had done in creating a place of worship in the city, as he explained the importance of having an altar dedicated to God in a region.

“You will understand that when God blesses a man, that man is indeed blessed,” he said, “Not only shall you have a testimony but you will be the testimony!” he prophetically declared over the congregation.

“What you are going to see is a wave of revival that was triggered by this kind of act.

“The angel of the Lord is bringing a revival, not just a spiritual but an economic and financial revival.”

Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa led the ribbon cutting ceremony for the two buildings, flanked by the resident pastors of each assembly respectively.