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Celebrating God's Love Personified: OUR MOTHER

The month of September is a very special month for us as we celebrate the birth of a Mother, Mentor, Counsellor, Advisor, Teacher and Role Model whose life has touched and transformed millions of people – Dr Ruth Makandiwa.

An iconic figure whose great works of philanthropy echo the undiluted and undeniable love of God, Dr Ruth Makandiwa has and is still a vessel that God is using to distribute His love on earth. Her life has become a reason to live for thousands of orphans, a beam of hope for thousands of widows, a bridge for thousands of less privileged people and a shoulder to lean on for the broken-hearted.

The manner in which she blends her unmatched leadership skills with humility and grace has brought about a revolution of grace and remoulding of character in the lives of millions of women.

A Prophetess by calling and in full-time ministry together with her husband; Emmanuel Makandiwa, Dr Ruth Makandiwa is a fountain of divine wisdom. Her dedication to the work of God is an undeniable token of her profound love for God.

All these attributes perfectly fused together in forming an ambassador of the Kingdom of God who is a direct reflection of the love, grace and favour of Jesus Christ; Dr Ruth Makandiwa has become a Mother not only to millions of people but also to nations.

If the skies were paper and the seas ink, there wouldn’t be enough to fully express the love we have for our Mother, Mentor, Counsellor, Advisor, Teacher and Role Model.

We Love You And We Thank God For Your Life

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