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Celebrating The Visionaries - UFIC 10th Anniversary

Looking back over the past decade, one cannot argue with the fact that Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa are one unique breed of visionaries and the fulfilment of that scripture which says,

“And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” Jeremiah 3 vs. 15 (KJV)

Heeding to God’s call of starting not just any ordinary church but an international Christian movement that would positively impact not just people’s lives but also communities and nations, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa birthed this great vision that has built and established a God Society of All People of All Nations – the United Family International Church.

Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa remained loyal to the vision and the calling of God upon their lives, even from the most humble beginnings. Their desire and passion for the extension, empowerment and the establishment of the Kingdom of God is undeniably evident in the historic milestones that they have accomplished and as UFIC celebrates its 10th Anniversary, we also celebrate our Father and Our Mother; Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa.

Loving Father and Mother

Together with his beloved wife Ruth, Emmanuel Makandiwa founded the United Family Interdenominational Ministries on the 17th of August 2008. The first meeting which was held at the Anglican Cathedral at the Harare CBD attracted a huge attendance and there was a big overflow.

Due to huge numbers, the meetings then were moved to State Lottery Hall which is adjacent to the Harare Town House. The news of how he was being mightily used by God in ministry of healing and the prophetic spread all over Zimbabwe and the numbers continued to grow; every service had an overflow.

The unwavering commitment and the love that they have for the work of God can be seen in the manner that they tirelessly laboured for the United Family International Church to be established, even in the midst of persecution, to the glory of God Almighty.

Empowering Christian Believers

Since the first service at the Anglican Cathedral, the United Family International Church, has been a landing of The Divine as all the services are all characterised by mind-blowing manifestations of the Supernatural.

The quality and the depth of the teachings that Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa have delivered over the past 10 years empowered hundreds of thousands of Christians to discover and fully exercise their potential in Jesus Christ.

From many conferences and business seminars to countless healing sessions; Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa’s desire for the empowerment, spiritually, mentally, physically and materially, has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Pioneering a Prophetic Dispensation

Being ordained prophets by God, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa have pioneered a prophetic dispensation in the nation of Zimbabwe and through their offices as Prophets, Emmanuel and Ruth have, and are still articulating the mind of God not only to individuals but also to nations.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has delivered numerous international prophecies concerning nations and international prominent people. All his prophecies were accurate and his word did not fall to the ground. This divine and awe-striking prophetic precision has granted Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa an international audience and their prophetic ministry is undeniable proof that God is still speaking.

Sharing Love, Sharing Life

Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa are God’s love personified. Over the past decade, not only have they ministered to the spiritual needs of hundreds of thousands of people but also to the material needs of hundreds of thousands of less privileged people.

Being strong believers in giving, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa practise the word that they preach through their works of philanthropy.

Ruth Makandiwa, who is the founder and patron of the ministry’s charity arm; Agape family Care makes annual donations to orphanages, rural communities, health and correctional institutions with the full support of Emmanuel Makandiwa.

In 2014, Ruth Makandiwa was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters by the International Institute of Philanthropy (IIP) for her outstanding charity works.

They have given hope to the hopeless, help to the heavy-laden and stranded a shoulder to lean on for the weak and the broken-hearted – ultimately sharing the Love of God with the whole world.

Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa are the visionaries and the senior pastors of the United Family International Church and it is through their outstanding leadership that the ministry has grown exponentially to the heights were it is today.

We celebrate our Father and Mother; Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa.

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