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#CelebratingLovePersonified Ruth Makandiwa Birthday Celebrations in Gweru

In commemorating the birth of Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa on the 4th of September 2021, UFIC Gweru went out on an assignment of love to Batanai Old People’s Home in Gweru.

Batanai Old People’s Home is a charity organization that was founded by the late Rumushu and was officially opened by then the Vice president Simon Muzenda in 1988.The main objective of its establishment was to take care of the old aged destitute. At its inception it had a population of 22 residents mostly from Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique but to date it has 8 residents only 6 male and 2 female.

Agape Family Care was driven to donate to the organization having envisaged the magnitude of its challenges since the organization has no stable donors as compared to the other two.

Batanai Old People’s Home thrives on handouts from well-wishers especially churches, schools, social welfare department and private institutions. The Donation that was delivered to them included: mealie meal, sugar, rice, cooking oil, sugar beans, green bar soap, powdered milk, salt, blankets, tennis shoes.

The donations were joyfully received in the midst of energetic dancing and jubilation. The donation will go a long way in supporting the day to day welfare of the Home’s residents.

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