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Colorful Opening Ceremony At The UFIC 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Joined by Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa, the United Family International Church celebrated their 10th Anniversary in a special way through a musical and dance presentation in a very colorful ceremony that was held on the second day of the celebrations.

The official ceremony displays were preceded by a musical interlude which saw Psalmist Hubert C performing “Latter Rain” followed by Minister Harry from South Africa. Gospel Power then followed with a soulful and fresh offering from their latest album “It Is Supernatural”.

Dressed in the UFIC 10th Anniversary Regalia, the UFIC Choir kick-started the opening ceremony with “Mwari Matichengeta” (Lord, You Have Preserved Us) and on the stage, every country were there is a UFIC Branch was represented by its flag with the Zimbabwean flag in front.

After an instrumental of the Zimbabwean National Anthem, the UFIC Choir led the people in singing the UFIC Anthem “We Are Heirs Of The Father”. The whole auditorium joined hands as they sang the UFIC Anthem in the spirit of praise and happiness. Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa also joined the congregation in singing the UFIC anthem as they waved the UFIC and Zimbabwean hand flags.

Minister Michael Mahendere then took to the stage with “Salt of the Earth” setting the celebratory mood and Worshippper Larry Gunda then came with the all-time favorite “Yahweh” which stirred up the celebration and took it to a higher level as people danced, ululated and shouted “Yahweh …Yahweh…Yahweh” in thanksgiving unto God.

Part of the musical presentation included beautiful choreography from the UFIC Children’s Department and the level of energy on the stage resonated with the ululation and the shouts for joy that came from the rest of the auditorium and the overflow tents.

The ceremony then ended with Hlengiwe perfoming “It’s A Wonderful Day” which resonated with the celebratory mood and tone that had been set for the conference and one of her famous covers “Sweet Jesus”.

As it celebrates ten years of efficacious ministry, to date; the United Family International Church has a total of 140 branches in Zimbabwe and beyond.

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