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Experience Powerful Worship as SA Gospel Star Hlengiwe Leads UFIC Congregation

The multi-award winning South African gospel superstar Hlengiwe Mhlaba led the tens thousands of UFIC Congregants in heartfelt worship session at the UFIC Basilica during the official UFIC 10th Anniversary Celebrations.

On the first day, the session started with a musical interlude from the UFIC choir, followed by Gospel Power’s performance of the old-time favorite; “Anotichengeta” (He Preserves Us).

The audience wasted no time in singing and dancing to this well-known tune and soon after that, Minister Michael and Vimbai Mahendere performed “Zvinhu Zvose Zvichanaka” (It Is Well) to the elation of the congregation.

Hlengiwe Mhlaba then took it to the stage with “My Halleluiah Belongs To You”. The whole auditorium and the overflow tents joined their voices together with Hlengiwe in giving God praise and worship in the form of beautiful music.

Her unique style of spirit-filled singing and stage presence evoked an irresistible atmosphere of worship and from the way that people worshipped God in that session, it was undeniably evident that the UFIC family was grateful to God for a decade of how they witnessed mind-blowing manifestations of the power of God – how they had been preserved, how their lives had been restored and transformed, as they joined in at the chorus shouting “You (God) Deserve It!”

This was followed by a UFIC’s favorite “I Felt His Hand Upon Me”. The lyrics of this song were the perfect words of praise and worship they had on their heart to God for a bigger part of the congregation and this could be seen as they walked to the altar to drop their thanksgiving offerings. The whole auditorium joined Hlengiwe as they echoed “Now I Believe… And I Declare…My Life Will Never Be The Same Again!”

On the second day, Hlengiwe started with “It’s A Wonderful Day” which resonated with the celebration spirit that was in the atmosphere. “Surely Goodness And Mercy” and “For Thine Is The Kingdom” followed and the worship session ended with one of her famous covers ‘Sweet Jesus”

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