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Miracle Galore at UFIC 10th Anniversary Celebrations Day 2

Over the past ten years, one undeniable token of the UFIC services is the atmosphere that triggers the miraculous through the ministration of Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa. And the UFIC 10th Anniversary celebrations were no exception as mind-blowing healing miracles took place on the second day of the conference.

“This gathering is going to hand over to you something that is much bigger than your dreams!” the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa declared over the tens of thousands of people that were part of the service.

Just a few minutes after the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa was speaking and making declarations, referring to how the Israelites’ years of slavery ended in Egypt after God had sent Moses to them, a certain lady who had came with pain in her body, received her healing without being touched by the man of God and she started jumping around –something that she could not do before she came for the service.

Another outstanding miracle involved a gentleman who had to be carried into the auditorium as he could not walk or sit on his own, standing up and beginning to walk without any aid and also in this case, the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa did not lay his hands on him – he received his healing as Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa was speaking.

After Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa had called out for people who wanted a touch of the healing power of God, a certain lady who had an overdue pregnancy told the man of God that she wanted to deliver her baby that night. The man of God ministered to her and in no time, she got into labor. The most amazing thing in this case is that before she was prayed for, she was normal; walking on her own and she had no signs of labor pains but after the ministration from Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, she had to be carried on a stretcher bed to the hospital.

One case that touched the hearts of many was that of a small boy who had been released from a one-week admission in the hospital but he hadn’t recovered. He had no strength to stand on his own, neither that to eat; sickness had drawn all strength from his small body. From the way he slowly blinked his eyes, it was clear that this small boy was in a critical condition and out of affection for her son, the mother could not stop crying, seeing her son in that state.

But the God of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa changed this small toddler’s story in an amazing way. As the man of God ministered to this young boy, there was a resurge of life in his body as he regained his strength.

“We wouldn’t mind spending the whole night here for this young gentleman” Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa said as he laid his hand over the young boy.

A few moments later, the young boy regained his strength and he stood on his own. The man of God then held his hand and slowly started walking with him until he could now walk on his own again!

Surely, UFIC is a house of miracles, signs and wonders!

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